All Vinci Sports Sunglasses are lightweight and created with impact-resistant polycarbonite lenses that provides 100% UVA and UVB protection. Their total wrap-around profile offers a better field of vision when playing many sports. Baseball players like them because as they run Vinci sunglasses don't bounce all around on your face. They are also very popular with runners for the same reason. Golfers benefit from the multi lens glasses as they help you the ball better by cutting down glare. Casual and avid bicycle riders love these sunglasses.  Fisherman and hunters rave about the "orange"lenses and the way the wrap around design cuts down on dirt and dust getting in your eyes. Skiiers love the reflective lenses on a sunny day or the "orange"lenses on a cloudy one.  
White Framed Multi Lens Sport Sunglasses
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