Mesh Series JCV-VM Black with Black Mesh 33 Inch Catchers Mitt


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  • Model: JCV-VM
  • Size: 33”
  • Position: Catcher
  • Dual Post H-Web
  • Velcro Strap Back
  • Kip leather
  • Black With Mesh Back
  • One-year limited warranty - does not include gloves that have been improperly conditioned, steamed, microwaved, or placed in the oven.


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Shannon Stewart
Jul 15, 2016
My daughter save her OWN money to purchase this glove. She catches for a pretty good 14U team with pitchers who all can throw heat and at least 3 pitches and she couldn't be happier. The quality in the leather tells me she should be able to use this through High School, unless she just decides she wants a new style, but I guarantee it will be a Vinci. We compared this glove to all the "Big" name gloves and it wasn't even close and the price tag wasn't going to be a consideration, so we didn't settle to save money, we got the best glove we could find. Also, I did send the glove back to have Vinci look at it as she was having trouble holding pitches, it was my break in method not the glove, and they took the time to fix ol dads mistake.

Advantages: The quality of the leather
The padding
The look
I would say everything is an advantage over any other glove on the market today

Disadvantages: None, but this isn't a cheaply made glove, you won't buy it on a Friday and takeout to the game on Saturday and use it behind the plate. You have to break it in and then you will have a quality mitt, trust me, there's a reason some gloves are ready to use when you buy them, they will be ready next year also when you have to buy a replacement and when your daughter gets to upper ages where the pitchers can bring heat their hands will be bruised up and sore. Not going to have this problem with this glove.
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dan stewart
this catchers mitt is awesome. the break in time was pretty much on target (2-3 weeks)....just follow Vinci"s daughter catches a pitcher that throws in the mid 50 mph and she says she doesn't even feel the ball.(No STINGING)....i would highly recommend this glove to every catcher out there....
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Our gold level catcher loves this mitt! She went through 3 other mitts and her pitchers kept hurting her hand. She can catch them with no sting or pain with this mitt!
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Brian Miniuk
This glove is "Top Notch". The glove grips your hand and is not too heavy. Breaking it in as I am typing. Can't wait to see my daughter in action catching with the Vinci Logo
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