Youth/Junior Gloves

When you want your child to wear what the pro's wear, Vinci gives them that opportunity. Our gloves are comfortable and lightweight to help your child make the play!



  • - Pro grade pre-treated thin steer hide leather palm
  • - Lightweight leather backing for ease of squeeze
  • - Professional baseball player type patterns



Baseball Glove Youth/Kids 10 inch Model BRV1961 CP Junior Single Post Web
Youth/Junior Series BRV1951 Black 11.5 Inch Fielders Glove
10.5 inch Youth/Kids Baseball Glove Model BRV1957 CP Junior
Baseball Glove 11 inch Youth/Kids Model BRV1953 CP Junior
Youth/Junior Series Black 12 Inch Fielders Glove

Youth/Junior Series Black 12 Inch Fielders Glove

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