Vinci New Line of Baseball and Softball Gloves: The 22 Series

Vinci 22 Series


The 22 Series  gloves utilize 5.0 oz. US Steer hide which has a touch softer feel , designed for the player who likes a softer fielders glove. This line also comes pre-treated allowing for much shorter break in times. Both the baseball gloves and softball gloves utilizes ‘Shock Pads’ that are strategically placed and sewn inside the lining for better palm protection by covering a larger area of the hand.

These gloves are already getting rave reviews and being compared to or called BETTER than some of our competitors $250-$300 gloves!!


Vinci JV2100-22

11.5 inch            I Web       Mesh Back


Vinci RV1923-22

12.5 inch          H Web         Closed Back


Vinci BMBS-22

13 inch             Dual Post Web        Flex Closed Back



Vinci EI1918-22

13.25 inch      Dual-Hinge Basket Web     Closed Back




13.5 inch             Trapeze Web         Closed Back



Vinci BV1945-22

14 inch                   H-Web            Vinci Closed Back




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