Vinci NEW Mesh Glove Model JV26-M

Bordeaux with Black Mesh and I-web

The JV26-M is part of Vinci’s New Mesh Series Gloves.

It’s an 11.75 inch fielder’s glove with double reinforced mesh backing.

Handcrafted with Vinci’s exclusive Comfort-Feel genuine Kip leather

• I-Web • Vinci Open Back • 11.75 inches

The JV26-M provides JV26-M_Bordeaux+Black_Mesh+Black_Pocket-Back_View-Web-BIGoptimal comfort so you can focus on Making the Play.

Double Mesh backing combined with Kip leather allows the glove to be durable yet playable. It also allows for a shorter break in time. Heavy duty thumb and pinky loops , as well as  rolled leather welting, helps this glove maintain it’s shape for years to come.

Vinci’s Mesh Series is lighter weight and will also minimize hand

perspiration to keep the players hand cool and comfortable.


For more information on the JV26-M or any of our gloves ASK VINCI!