Pre-Broken In Baseball Gloves and Softball Gloves: Advantages, Models, and Cost (Sale!)

Pre-Broken In Baseball Gloves

What does factory pre-broken in baseball gloves mean exactly?

For softer, more game ready gloves, choose factory pre-broken in baseball gloves. These gloves are made to help save players the extra effort required to get the glove ready for use. Baseball and Softball players can appreciate the fact that pre-broken in baseball gloves come ready for a quicker break in but will still mold to your hand and the way you like them. The leather is loosened for comfortable and functional use right out of the box. This feature is available on gloves for left handed throwers or right-handed throwers. Infielder’s, outfielder’s, catchers and pitchers can all get a Vinci pre-broken in baseball gloves.

Advantages of Pre-Broken in Baseball Gloves and Softball Gloves

Pre-broken in baseball gloves are able to be used in a very short time. However, there is still opportunity to conform the glove to your hand. Using the glove is one way to ensure a proper fit over time. This is an important aspect for better game play. The primary advantage to selecting pre-broken in baseball gloves over non-broken in ones, is the time it saves softening the leather. Traditional breaking in of baseball and softball gloves, using a Baseball Glove Break In Kit, can take a significant amount of time.

Models of Pre-Broken in Baseball Gloves Available

Customer demand encouraged the addition of the pre-broken in baseball gloves feature on Vinci gloves. Many Vinci gloves come with the option. The Vinci 22/PC series consists of first base mitts, fielder’s gloves, and catcher’s mitts. Most gloves in this series can have the pre-broken in baseball gloves feature added at the time of purchase. Almost all Limited Series gloves have the option as well. Custom baseball gloves, or personalized baseball gloves can also become pre-broken in baseball gloves. Simply select “factory pre-broken in – YES” from the dropdown on the product page.

Are there Vinci pre-broken in softball gloves available too?

Vinci softball gloves can also be pre-broken in at the factory. Custom softball gloves as well as softball gloves in both 22 series and limited series are available with this feature. Whether you play slow-pitch softball or fastpitch softball, we have a glove or mitt for you. The genuine leather used to develop our high-quality gloves and mitts is softened up just enough in the process of pre-breaking in.

How much does it cost to add the pre-broken in baseball gloves feature?

A special promotion is going on right now at For a limited time, you can order your baseball or softball gloves and have them pre-broken in at the factory before shipping at no extra cost. Pre-broken in baseball gloves are perfect for times that a glove needs to be ready to use quickly. Though it takes an extra 4-6 weeks for delivery, you save time once the glove arrives. The added value of a free pre-broken in baseball gloves feature will make your Vinci glove even better.

pre broken in baseball gloves black and yellow

Order Vinci PC/22 Series Pre-Broken in Baseball Gloves and Softball Gloves

Check out the Vinci PC/22 Series. These gloves are made from pre-treated premium steer hide featuring interior lined finger stalls made from deer tanned cowhide. The deep pocket design is great for game play, allowing players to have better control. The strategic shock pads and high-quality materials make it protective and comfortable. Most gloves in this series are eligible to be pre-broken in prior to shipping.

pre broken in baseball gloves red white blue

Order Vinci Limited Series Pre-Broken in Baseball Gloves and Softball Gloves

Factory pre-broken in baseball gloves in the Vinci Limited Series are some of the best Vinci gloves. That’s due to the use of 5.5 ounces kip leather, solid palm pad and inclusion of all Vinci’s most popular features. Sturdy stays in thumb and fingers enhance the rigorousness of these gloves. With a variety of glove types, web styles and glove sizes, you are sure to find one you like in the Vinci Limited Series.

pre broken in baseball gloves custom

Order Vinci Custom Pre-Broken in Baseball Gloves and Softball Gloves

Choose left or right-handed thrower, desired web style, and mesh or all leather glove back. Then pick your favorite colors for the lace and welting. There are so many ways to customize a Vinci glove to make it your own. Plus, now you can create and have pre-broken in baseball gloves delivered right to your door.