Personalized Baseball Gloves Made to Order and Fully Customized

Personalized Baseball Gloves

Personalized Baseball Gloves are popular among players of all ages.  There are many reasons players want custom baseball gloves.  Custom baseball gloves allow players to build a glove with the combination of features that they like best.  They also provide a way that players can express themselves in colors or support a cause.  There are many ways in which personalized baseball gloves can be made to order.  You can create personalized baseball gloves at  We offer personalized Baseball gloves that are factory pre-broken-in kip limited or mesh series fielders gloves.  We can also personalize and customize gloves for Fastpitch!  At, when you order personalized baseball gloves, you aren’t just selecting a color.  Vinci Baseball’s gloves are fully customizable.  This means the player gets to develop their perfect glove from start to finish.

Personalized Baseball Gloves – How It Works

Vinci’s online tool makes constructing your new Vinci personalized baseball gloves easy.  This interactive tool walks you through each decision that needs to be made regarding your new glove.  Simply choose your preferences from the dropdown menus on the Vinci Custom Baseball Gloves page.  There are photo examples of the types of web available.  There is also a labeled chart to show what the parts of the glove are called.  This may be helpful when selecting the colors for each part.  Check out a few customized and personalized baseball gloves that we have done for other customers in the photos above.  We also have several on the Community tab of our page on Facebook that customers have shared with us.  We love to see our happy customers with their gloves.  We especially enjoy seeing the gloves in action, so feel free to tag Vinci Baseball in any photos you have that feature use of Vinci gloves!

Personalized Baseball Gloves – Fully Customizable

To start designing your personalized baseball glove, you will choose the desired size.  If you already have a glove that you love, selecting a size will be easy.  It’s based on position and age primarily.  Next, determine whether you would like to create a left-handed thrower glove or right-handed thrower glove.  Once you have these basic items out of the way, you can start to really develop a personalized baseball glove that will set yours apart from all others.  At this point you can select whether you want your new glove to have an open back or closed back.  The position that you play will impact which you might select.  Middle infielders typically prefer an open back but others may appreciate the better grip offered by a closed back.  The web is the next item for customization on your new Vinci personalized baseball gloves.  Here is where your personal preference starts to affect your choices.  While the position plays a part in why a player may prefer one web design over another, it really comes down to what works best for you.

Vinci offers the following web choices for personalized baseball gloves:

  • “I” Web
  • “Y” Web
  • Net “T” Web
  • Reinforced Net “T” Web
  • Two Piece Web
  • Dual Hinge Web
  • Basket Web
  • Six Finger Web
  • “H” Web
  • Net “Y” Web
  • Dual “H” Post Web
  • Single Post Web.

There are photo examples on the customization page to show you what each web style looks like.  If you prefer to have a stiffer glove back, the next choice you would make is to select the all leather back option.  Prefer a more flexible glove back?  Then choose mesh back instead.  Now that the structure of your custom baseball gloves has been established, you can start electing colors for each aspect of the glove.

Personalized Baseball Gloves – Color Choices

Personalized baseball gloves by Vinci are noticeable due to the large range of color options offered for each part of the glove.  There are 8 color options for the leather glove back, glove palm, and Web/Finger Pad.  Each can be selected independently.  Colors available include black, red, gray, Bordeaux, rich brown, royal blue, tan and white.  There are 12 color options for the welting and binding, and each can also be selected independently.  Colors available for the welting and binding include black, Bordeaux, red, gray, rich brown, yellow, royal and navy blues, orange, green, tan and white.  There are 11 choices for lace color.  Lace options are royal or navy blue, red, pink, tan, white, orange, green, yellow, gray or black.  If you aren’t sure what part of the glove is called what, Vinci has provided a chart for reference just below the customization form.  As you can see there are many color combinations possible with Vinci Personalized Baseball Gloves.

Personalized Baseball Gloves with Your Name

The final decisions to make on your new personalized baseball glove are whether or not to add a USA flag, Breast Cancer Ribbon, or written personalization.  There is a small up-charge of $10 to add a flag or ribbon to your glove.  The written personalization option permits you to add your name or number to the glove, ensuring there is no other glove like it.  This is a well-liked option.  It’s great for gifts as well.  Adding a name is available for $30 extra.  It is not uncommon for someone ordering custom baseball gloves to add personalization.  Many people find this to add something special to their Vinci custom baseball gloves.  Entire teams have special ordered Vinci custom and personalized gloves.

Personalized Baseball Gloves Delivery

After placing an order for a Vinci custom baseball glove, you can expect it to ship in approximately 4-6 weeks.  Vinci will utilize the specifications you provided to produce your personalized baseball gloves.  Each glove will be made with care and consist of the same level of quality as other Vinci gloves.

Personalized Baseball Gloves – Why VinciPro

Vinci gloves are made carefully from fine US Steer Hide and Kip Leathers.  The high quality gloves that bear the name of Vinci can be seen used by professional baseball players.  Many of the Braves use Vinci gloves including Phil Britton, Iker Franco, Carlos Sencion, Jose Camarena, Victor Hernandez and Carlos Mendez.  There are many other pro players that train and play with Vinci too; Andy Barkett, Pat Ahearne and Manny Rodriguez, just to name a few.  Additionally, Vinci has provided some resources to help you break in and care for your new custom baseball glove.  Choose Vinci Personalized Baseball Gloves and you will be glad that you did.  Vinci gloves have the durability needed to keep up with your game and help you make the play!