New Skype Feature for customers

We at Vinci are always trying to offer you the best possible products AND the best customer service. A new feature we are offering is to be able to speak and video chat LIVE with a Vinci representative using Skype’s free service.
If you don’t already have a skype account go to: and sign up for a free account.

We can be found as the SKYPE username: smarkley3.
skype features
There are three ways to contact us:
1)Instant message
2)Phone call
3)Video call
As a trial a representative will be available throughout various hours of the day. Ask questions about  products. Get advice about what’s the best Vinci glove model for you, see live various products compared side by side.

No need for a webcam or microphone to be able to see video. Speak via instant message or by telephone by calling 562-652-6228.

The possibilities are endless! Give it a try, we think you will like it.