Girls Fast Pitch Softball Gloves by Vinci: Which is Right for You?

Looking for a Fastpitch glove, but not sure about which glove is right for you?  Whether you are looking for a first base glove, catcher’s mitt, or a fielder’s glove, you can find what you are looking for at  We recently put together a video to help players, parents and coaches understand the difference between each of the Vinci Fastpitch gloves.  Check out this short video for a breakdown of each product!

Vinci Fastpitch Gloves

Vinci Fastpitch gloves are built with functionality in mind.  The velcro strap helps players to get a comfortable fit while the lightweight design ensures a quick break-in time.  These gloves are flexible, allowing player’s to more easily catch the ball in Vinci’s signature deep pocket.  Extra palm padding protects the hand and makes Vinci Fastpitch gloves the right choice.  The video featured above can help you decide which Vinci is right for you!