Custom Glove Maker – See Your Glove as You Design It!

Custom Glove Maker

Vinci has improved the custom glove design and purchasing process with a new custom glove maker. It is a build-as-you-go tool that allows you to see parts of the glove change as you make your selections. The custom glove maker starts with one of four glove models. Your first choice is which base model to choose from. The Optimus Series Fielder’s Glove, Limited Series Glove, Steer Hide PC/22 Series Fielder’s Glove and Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt 22/PC Series are the base choices. From there, the custom glove maker guides you through all the ways you can customize your own Vinci glove.

What’s New on the Vinci Custom Glove Maker?

With the new and improved Vinci custom glove maker, you can see your glove change as you design it. For example, there are seven parts of the glove that can be color customized. With the Vinci custom glove maker, you can view exactly where those colors will appear. This is especially helpful for identifying which part of the glove you are altering with your selection. You can also preview personalization text right on the glove image. The interactive tool still prompts you to select each aspect of the glove, but now you can explore your options. Our custom glove maker allows you to try different color combinations and examine how the text will fit.

Back, Side and Palm Views

To get the complete picture of how your new Vinci looks, the custom glove maker includes three perspectives. With a back, side and palm view, you can see outer aspects of the entire glove. The web and finger pad color can be seen in all three views just as the welting can. The glove back color mostly affects the way the back of the glove looks. Offering three viewpoints gives Vinci fans the confidence that they will like how their glove turns out. Additionally, the embroidery which is seen in the side view, can be adjusted by color and desired font.

Custom Glove Maker Color Options Side-by-Side

Another benefit of the custom glove maker is you can see all your color options next to each other. Each part of the glove will have different colors to choose from. Experiment with colors for each section of the glove until you find the ideal mix. Pick your team colors or your favorite colors or even something completely random, that’s up to you. Where many aspects of the glove impact your play, colors are more of a reflection of your personality. There are eight parts of the glove to color customize. These include the leather back, palm, web and finger pads, welting, binding, lace and embroidery. Each part has between 8 and 13 color choices so you can create a one-of-a-kind glove.

Download Images of Your Glove Designs

Color and personalization aside, there are many other ways that your Vinci baseball and softball gloves can be customized. Primary choices that affect the glove fit and play are the back style and web style. You pick whether your glove will have a closed back, open back, or Velcro strap. There are a dozen different options for web style. You are sure to find one that you love in the dropdown menu. You will also select the size and if the glove will be made for a left- or right-handed thrower. As you narrow down your choices, you can download and save photos of the gloves you designed. Download images to compare side by side, or show off that new glove before it arrives.

Add a USA Flag Using the Custom Glove Maker

We are a family company that stemmed from a love of baseball and country. We hope that you consider learning more about our family and veteran Benjamin Vinci. With Vinci custom gloves, we offer the option to add an American Flag for a nominal fee. To sport a flag on your glove, simply choose “Add USA Flag” within the custom glove maker. After all, baseball is America’s National Pastime, a game we love to watch and love to play.

How long does it take for a custom glove to ship?

After you use the custom glove maker and order your new Vinci, delivery can take between four to six weeks.  Stock gloves have a much shorter expected delivery date, but custom gloves are worth the wait! As you are using the custom glove maker, you can call Vinci with any questions you have. We love to hear from our customers! Feel free to share your glove designs with us on social media too!