Brand Ambassadors – Want to make some money?

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are one of the reasons that Vinci Baseball has become the company it is today.  They have tried our high quality baseball gloves or softball gloves and love them so much they tell their friends.  Sometimes our brand ambassadors share their experiences in reviews.  Many times brand ambassadors post photos and videos of their products to social media platforms.  Brand ambassadors share about new promotions and products and as a result, more people try and fall in love with products daily.

Brand Ambassadors – Are You Already One?

If you have tried Vinci and shared your positive experience with our company or products with anyone, you are already a brand ambassador!  Thank you for helping us to get the word out to others about our gloves.   You already know that Vinci manufactures quality, professional grade baseball and softball gloves.  You might even know some of the reasons our gloves stand out compared to others.  So what if we told you there was a way for you to make some money doing just a little more than you are already doing?

Brand Ambassadors for Vinci – Player Representative

Many companies have paid endorsers, but Vinci prides itself on our brand ambassadors.  While a brand ambassador doesn’t make money just sharing about our brand, some choose to participate in our Player Representative program.   Our player representatives are able to convert their passion for our products into a source of income.

Brand Ambassadors Don’t Make Money, Player Reps Do

Player Representatives are similar to brand ambassadors.  They both tell people about our company and products.  Brand ambassadors and Player Representatives help others learn about what makes Vinci baseball gloves great.  The difference is that Player Representatives can get Vinci products at wholesale prices and have the authority to resell them at retail prices.  This provides a player representative with the ability to make money selling the very products they are promoting.

Brand Ambassadors – Benefits for Becoming a Representative

Brand ambassadors who become player representatives don’t just have the option to sell Vinci for income.  They also can fit themselves with all the Vinci apparel and gear they want at wholesale prices. You already love the make and feel of Vinci gloves, now you can get all you want at lower prices.  Saving money on your own personal gear for doing something you are already doing?  Sounds like a no brainer.  Vinci Brand Ambassadors who participate in the Player Rep Program can participate in a tiered incentive program.  This enable you to earn free gear on top of the money you make.  With all the benefits you might expect there to be fees, but there are no fees to participate.  After the first order there are no minimums either.  Vinci can also ship directly to your customers or to you.

Brand Ambassadors Turned Player Representatives

How can brand ambassadors turn into Player Representatives?  Brand ambassadors who want to become Vinci Player Representatives can learn more and apply at  Feel free to contact Vinci of you have any further questions regarding the program.  As a Vinci Player Representative, you would be an authorized dealer for Vinci Baseball.

Brand Ambassadors for VinciPro

As a player you already have a network of players, coaches, and parents.  You already show them your Vinci gloves and tell them about your experiences.  The Vinci Player Representative Program gives you the ability to make money doing very little more than you are already doing.  As a brand ambassador turned Player Rep, you will represent Vinci at clinics, tournaments and more.  One more thing!  Once you place your first $1000 wholesale order, we will send you 500 business cards. has lots of information about how our gloves are made.  It is a great resource for our player representatives.  While some of our player reps have a website, most just use the site.  However, if you have a blog you would be able to promote on it.  We also encourage you to promote via all forms of social media.  Many of our representatives find success in promoting across a variety of mediums.  Thank you for being a Vinci brand ambassador!  We look forward to partnering with you as a player representative.