Baseball Glove Summer Sale

Vinci is having a Summer Sale on select baseball glove models. The featured gloves for this promotion include 3 models: The JV20, BV57 and the ever popular MV3. These 3 models will be available, for a limited time only, at the promotional price of $199! Promotion applies to these models in any color or hand throw available in stock. 


Reg Price: $249


(Available in Black or Navy and White)

Reg Price: $219

JV20 baseball glove is designed for the middle infield.This particular model utilizes extra strength interior filling so it retains it’s open shape for years of play.  the JV20 stays stiff when others weaken due to the abuse a middle infield e r takes. The JV20 utilizes an I-web webbing patt ern which is utilized to stop the spin on the baseball allowing for more accurate throws.



Reg Price: $249



(Available in Black or Burgundy)

Reg Price: $249

Vinci glove model Bv57 is a great pitchers glove! It’s designed with Vinci Pro 6.5 oz CP Kip Leather.The thickest Kip leather on the market but is roughly 20% lighter then our US steer hide model gloves, breaks in  much faster and yet retains its shape longer.The BV57 utilizes ‘Pro Pads’ that are strategically placed and sewn inside the lining for better palm protection and our signature Vinci exclusive deep pocket design. They also come with heavy-duty thumb and pinky loops, along with thumb and pinky supports which help retain the glove shape.




(Available in Blue, Red or Black)

11.75 inch Kip leather baseball glove model MV3 professional quality baseball glove is designed for middle infield or a pitcher. The two piece web design allows for the pitcher to hide the ball and his grip from the batter. Designed with a nice wide deep pocket to allow for grip changes on the baseball without leaving the pocket. Constructed of the Finest 6.5 Oz. US Kip Leather, allows for quicker break in and results in a 20% lighter glove then the norm.