Baseball and the Massage Factor

Guest Post by Jesse Crow, owner of Rest Right Mattress.

After training, practicing and playing one of America’s favorite sports, a player can find that muscles are sore, well worked and in need of recovery. Preventing tissue breakdown can really make a difference the next day.  There are a few things that a player can do to improve the process of muscle recovery.  Some of the things you can do, you probably already know.  Keeping hydrated is the first and foremost as it not only benefits muscle recovery, but it also pretty much aids every other function in your body.  As athletes, baseball and softball players usually know to drink enough water.  In order to gain muscle, eating healthy foods is essential.  Players can see and feel the difference in their performance when they are eating right.  Getting enough sleep, resting and being careful to not overwork muscle groups that are used in repetition are also common knowledge ways of protecting your muscles as a player.  Even if you are doing all these things correctly, you may be missing out on a potential game changer. Massage therapy can improve circulation, aid in muscle recovery, improve strength, reduce inflammation and improve function of muscle groups.  Research has indicated athletes can also reap benefits of a larger range of motion in the joints by utilizing massage.  The benefits don’t stop there either.  Massage also impacts the cardiovascular system, giving players the benefits of regulating blood pressure and assisting your body in its efforts to remove toxins.

The manual pressure of a massage is one reason that massage works for a player in all these great ways. The body has a response to the pressure physically, and the nerves are also stimulated by the pressure.  If your team doesn’t have a physical therapist, even the mechanical act of massage can help you gain some of the benefits.  Massage devices cannot fully replace a professional massage, but can be used nonetheless to help an athlete see some of the benefits.