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Baseball and Softball Gloves-Vinci CP Kip Leather Series

Only the best craftsmen in the world manufacture Vinci baseball and softball gloves. They go through a rigorous apprenticeship before they are allowed to work on our gloves. Many have 20+ years of experience in glove making. Vinci Kip Leather Series is constructed of the thickest Kip leather in the industry at 6.5oz. in thickness. Kip leather on average is about 20% lighter than US steer hide, has tighter fibers, and is more durable then US steer hide, but breaks in much quicker then other leathers. This series is constructed with heavy-duty thumb and pinky loops for better support and assistance with holding the ballgloves shape. They also have a heavy stays in finger supports in the pinky and thumb of the gloves which is thicker then our competitors allowing our glove to retain its shape long after most. We also have supports in each finger stall, that help the wool finger padding to retain shape. The lacing is 100 tensile strength lacing and is laced through the fingers on all models - unique to our glove lines. This helps the glove retain its shape for many years. They are also designed with the Vinci Exclusive deep design pocket, for the deepest pockets on the market. Each glove also comes shipped with our Vinci Pro glove conditioner. When applied during the break-in process, it creates a sticky film that reduces ball spin in the pocket. This line utilizes a Pro pad palm pad, which provides the best protection in not only the palm area, but also extends into the finger stalls, adding more padding where you need it most, where the palm meets the fingers.


Baseball Glove model FC11 : 33 inch CP Kip Catchers Mitt Red and Black Traditional Web