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BR46 in Black: 14 inch Softball Glove H-Web

BR46 in Black: 14 inch Softball Glove H-Web
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Customer Feedback

Randy D
I am on my second season with this glove. I can say I am a very good left fielder. But this glove has added another level to my game. So yes I am a better left fielder today because of it. The leather is top quality, and the design really makes the balls stay in the glove, even on difficult sliding catches and balls that come in with some spin. I will never buy another Rawling and or other name brand glove( How many times have you told some one that you actually spoke with the owner of Rawlings for advice on a glove you want to purchase??). It will definately add depth and range to your game. Comfort is also an added benefit, although its a 14 inch glove it is very nimble on your hand. If you play in competive leagues and are looking to to add some additional game
I highly recomend this glove, and or any other of Vinci's line up depending on your league and or position.
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