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Baseball gloves designed for the outfielder position


Baseball Glove model RV60 Black and Dark Brown: 13 inch CP Kip Leather Baseball Glove H Web
Optimus Series BM 13 Inch Glove
Optimus Series PJ 13 Inch Glove
PJV-22 in Black 13 inch all leather
PJV55: 13.5 inch Fielders Glove
RCV-VM Black 12.5 inch with NEW Mesh Back and Velcro Strap
RCV125 Black 12.5 inch All Leather Fast Pitch Glove
RCV125 White with Pink Lace 12.5 inch All Leather Fast Pitch Glove
Vinci RV1961-22: 12.75 inch Fielders Glove Black with Tan Lace and Welting