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Vinci Baseball Glove Model PC2443 - 12.75 inch CP Kip Leather Fielder's Glove with V-I Web

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Left Handed or Right Handed Thrower

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Vinci Pro gloves are the finest handcrafted gloves on the market and are designed with quality in mind. You can have the same quality the professionals wear with a Vinci. Individually handcrafted by Master Craftsman with years of experience and training, Vinci Pro CP Series utilizes 6.0 oz. US Steer hide. Our high quality steer hide provides a great glove with amazing feel. CP Series utilizes 'Pro Pads' that are strategically placed and sewn inside the lining for better palm protection by covering a larger area of the hand. Our signature Vinci exclusive deep pocket design allows for better control and less spin. They also come with heavy-duty thumb and pinky loops, along with thumb and pinky supports which help retain the glove shape. The high-quality Deer Tanned Cowhide interior leather lining finger stalls are specially treated for a more comfortable feel. Our gloves also come shipped to you with our special glove conditioner. Utilizing our glove conditioner dramatically decreases break in time on our gloves and protects the glove for years of use.


More than just a glove, every model number and signature has a meaning. Each Vinci Pro model is dedicated to Benjamin Vinci, a father, grandfather and WWII Veteran who left a great impact on so many people. You can find Benjamin Vinci's signature on each glove we make. He is the reason behind this company, so when you use a Vinci Pro glove, know that the story behind your glove is the story of an American hero. Put on a Vinci Pro glove and Make The Play!

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I had the originala nd thought there was no way they could improve, but they foudn a way the glvoes jsut keep getting better. Keep Going Vinci Pro
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Like the older model better, new leather is great, but extremely hard, tough to break in, not a knock on Vinci the glove is very nice, just not for me,
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I hade the first one when i think it was a 12.5 then it got stolen. Then got the 12.75 and liked it even better. Now my whole bag got stolen and need another one and can't wait to get it . I've had pretty much every manufacturer of glove through out my life and vinci has the same if not better quality but a great family you can deal with when you call. Like trying two on and sending the one back you didn't want. I kept both last time.
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