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10.5 inch Youth/Kids Baseball Glove Model BRV1957 CP Junior

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Web Style: I-Web

Glove Back: Open

Color: Black

Size: 10.5"

Baseball Position: Infield

Right Handed or Left Handed Thrower

Vinci Glove Conditioner-Special Price With Purchase

White Framed or Black Framed Sunglasses

Youth Bones Batting Glove Size

Youth Baseball Hat

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Looking for a youth baseball glove that provides protection for small hands, easy to squeeze and made to endure lots of play? You have found it! The Vinci Pro Youth Baseball Glove model BRV1957 is a 10.5” glove made for the infield position. This glove comes in black and features an I-web design and an open back.

By combining Pro-Grade leather palms with a softer, more flexible leather glove back we were able to create a lightweight glove that protects the hand better all the while sporting a professional design.

The leather on this Vinci Custom Pro Junior glove comes pretreated.

Did you know that when you place an order for this youth glove you can choose to add on other products at a discount? Vinci Sports Sunglasses which not only block the sun while playing, but also feature pop out lenses that break away when hit therefore offering some protection to the face are regularly $44.95 but when you order this glove you can add a pair for just $30! Other items that are offered at a discount with this glove order include batting gloves and a baseball cap (see drop down menus below).

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Aug 10, 2014
Far and above the best quality baseball glove I have ever purchased. My son is using it for his third year in a row. A bit small for him now, but he won't give it up. I would love to buy him a new model, but he wants a different color next time. How about a tan model Vinci?

Advantages: High quality leather. Zero break in time. It was ready to go the day he got it. Three seasons of ball and with a little oil it looks brand new.

Disadvantages: None. Don't change a thing
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Jul 23, 2014
Amazing glove. My son has been using this for a little over a year. Very high quality and he absolutely loves it. I am about to place an order for the next larger size. Vinci you have a lifetime customer in my son.

Advantages: Just a perfect glove for the price. I would pay twice as much and still be happy.

Disadvantages: None
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Kevin Taylor
Jul 19, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Best in Class. Period. Top notch quality and performance. My 7 year old is bouncing off the walls and loves this thing.

Advantages: Real Leather, Built tough and the design is perfect. Fits like a glove should.

Disadvantages: Zero. None.
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You won't find a better choice...My 5 y/o loves it!! Light weight, easy break-in, great quality and the looks are first class!! Getting ready to pull the trigger on another Vinci based on how happy we are with the 10.5"!! Best customer service in the industry as well!! Thanks Vinci....
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Wow! Vinci did it again. A real leather youth glove that looks and feels like a pro glove. Very little break in time. Glove was fairly easy to squeeze by a 7year old right out of the wrapper. This is a must have for your kid playing baseball! No other youth glove can compare. Awesome job, Vinci!
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