World Baseball Classic 2009 – Italian Team Players Wearing VINCI Gloves

WOW, things are heating up for the WBC 2009. Who will be the 2009 Champs. Could it be the USA team? I think there’s a good chance of that.  There are teams from Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, China, Korea, Cuba, Panama, Africa and Team Japan Champs of 2006 and many more teams. We have been talking to our good friend Marco Mazzieri who is the Manager of the Italian team. They arrived in Florida last Thursday and have been very busy getting ready for the WBC. If any of you should come across Marco Mazzieri please say Hi, he’s a great guy and loves baseball so make sure you say ciao to him. There’s a good chance many players will be wearing Vinci batting gloves in the WBC which we are very proud of. Also say ciao to Italian second baseman Davide Dallospedale who use’s a Vinci JV51 glove … he’s also a great guy. Games will be staring the first week of March and it should be some fun watching. Let’s see how Team USA does this year, I believe they will play harder this year than they did in 2006

As of 2008, plans call for the World Baseball Classic to be repeated every four years following the 2009 event, so the third installment of the Classic would not occur until 2013. Other plans for the 2013 World Baseball Classic include possibly expanding the number of participating teams to 24 with qualifying rounds as a preface to reach the main competition according to Bud Selig, Commissioner of Major League Baseball.

So, check out for more information.  Will have much more to add in next few days.

Pete # 22 Vinci

Two Italian Baseball players wearing VINCI gloves

Two Italian Baseball players wearing VINCI gloves