Vladimir Nunez Vinci Glove Debut

nunezkissglove July 2008.  The Atlanta Braves were playing the Washington Nationals. It was a Saturday night. With Vladimir Nunez being a reliever, we weren’t sure if he would get into the game. Well, he did, and guess what? He wore Vinci. We had initially seen him warming up in the bullpen, and as he stepped up to the rubber he actually kissed the baseball glove. He knew he was the first person to wear Vinci in the Majors. He knew the story of Benjamin Vinci and the story behind it all. It was a very emotional night that really meant a lot to us.

Thank you Vladimir


One year ago the first Major League player used a Vinci glove in the Majors. His name is Vladimir Nunez, a right handed pitcher from Cuba who pitched for the Atlanta Braves. Even though other players have used Vinci in the minors, none of them used Vinci once they made the majors. But Nunez is different. After all, he  came here to play ball. After getting to know Vlad he has very good family values. Vladimir is a throw back type of person big on principles. When we saw him using his Vinci glove on TV it brought tears to my eyes as I thought about my Dad, whose signature is on every glove. Then I thought about Vladimir ‘s Dad and thought to myself he’s doing this for all the Dads that are great fathers to their sons. What would my Dad say to Vladimir? He would say, “You did great, kid!”

Vladimir Nunez with Vinci Glove

Vladimir Nunez with Vinci Glove