New Training Glove From Vinci

We are proud to announce our new pancake training glove that works and still looks cool. This pancake type of leather glove will also have a Velcro
strap so it can work for players of all ages and also is cool looking.
The training glove will help you to develop soft hands. It will teach
you how to use both hands and help you to develop quick transfer to
your throwing hand.

One of the best use’s of this pancake training glove will be how it helps your
foot work, you will learn how to keep your glove in front of you. It
is available in both RHT and LHT. No matter what kind of player you are
lets always remember you can bring your level of play upwards. And no
matter what level player you are have fun … lots of fun. Baseball is a
great game and never forget it’s a game for everyone to enjoy. Here is
our new training tool to help raise your level of play. Get out there
and have some fun!

Pete # 22

Download the 2009 Vinci Brochure – Letter Format.

Download the 2009 Vinci Brochure – Brochure Format.