Vinci Video:BV1929-L : 12.5 inch NEW 5oz Kip Leather Baseball Glove

Check out Vinci videos! These are rotational views of many of our baseball and softball gloves. See what a ball looks like in the pocket of the BV1929-L  : 12.5″ Kip Leather Baseball Glove.

This 12.5 inch double laced basket web glove is gorgeous! Vinci Limited Series is just that a limited addition that has been added to the line for a short amount of time. We searched all over to find a high end Kip leather that met our standards, but was closer to the feel of our original gloves. Well we found it and made the Limited line with it. These gloves have a very similar feel to our original model gloves, with higher quality materials. We utilized Sheepskin finger linings which are found on the top of the line gloves, put a solid palm pad in thee for beefed up protection where you need it most. We pre-treated the leather to allow for quicker break in time, and with all of that still have a glove that is one of the lightest on the market today.

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