Vinci Video: Vinci PC2443 Kip Fielder Glove

Check out Vinci videos! These are rotational views of many of our baseball and softball gloves. See what a ball looks like in the pocket. There are over 25 videos for you to see including the number 5 batting gloves holding a bat.

This is the Vinci Model PC2443 in burgundy and black. Vinci CP Series utilizes 6.0 oz. US Steer hide and ‘Pro Pads’ that are strategically placed and sewn inside the lining for better palm protection. Our signature Vinci exclusive deep pocket design allows for better control and less spin. They also come with heavy-duty thumb and pinky loops, along with thumb and pinky supports which help retain the glove shape. The high-quality Deer Tanned Cowhide interior leather lining finger stalls are specially treated for a more comfortable feel.

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