Vinci Santa is Back!!!

Vinci Santa

With the Holidays upon us Vinci Santa is checking his Naughty and Nice list again. So if you think you’ve been good, tell Vinci Santa why you think you should be on the list and what you’d like for Christmas this year!

In the “Leave a Reply Box” below leave your name, address and what you wish you could find under the tree on this Christmas and Maybe you will make the Vinci Santa Nice list.

Happy Holidays

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93 Responses to “Vinci Santa is Back!!!”

  1. Jorge says:

    I have been very good this year. My father and I both bought TJ1952’s for the outfield. I would love an rv1961-l in black or blue to cover the infield. Vinci’s are by far the greatest glove I have ever used. When my son (he is 21 months) is old enough to fit his first real glove on his hand, it will be a Vinci that will last him a lifetime. Merry Christmas and God bless.

    Jorge Lopez
    10602 N Camino Rosas Nuevas
    Oro Valley, AZ 85737

  2. Rich Smolen says:

    Hi Santa,

    I’ve been living under a rock and just heard about Vinci gloves earlier this year (I know that not only makes me naughty, but frikkin lame). My HOH gamer of 15 years gave its life in a summer championship game and I started hunting for a replacement a few months ago. Heard great things about Vinci, but had to drive 80 miles just to try one on. It was so worth the trip. The glove was amazing but it was a 12″ and a little small. I now have my heart set on a Vinci 12.5″ H-Web. It is on the xmas list with detailed instructions for my wife on how to get an RV56, so I hope to be a member of the InVINCIbles by year’s end. It sure would be awesome if there happened to be an extra Glove Break In Kit lying around Santa’s workshop. One way or another, I’m gonna need one to break in my new Vinci before next season. The elves can deliver to Rich Smolen, c/o The eLearning Guild, 375 E Street, Suite 200, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. Thanks, and happy holidays!

    PS The saddest moment for a child is not when he learns Santa Claus isn’t real, it’s when he learns Chuck Norris is.

    PPS Chuck Norris does not believe in Santa. Santa believes in Chuck Norris.

    PPPS Santa used to deliver presents on Christmas by going in the front door. But he went into Chuck Norris’ house and got roundhouse kicked in the face. Now out of fear Santa sneaks in through chimneys.

  3. Brad Russell says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,
    My oldest son and I both have black Vinci gloves. The only thing I would wish for would be for gloves for my youngest sons. Both RHT, one BRV1957 and one BRV1961 would give us such a nice family picture with our beautiful black Vinci gloves! Thanks for this awesome gesture of the holiday spirit!

    Brad Russell
    10533 Flagstaff Run
    Fort Worth, TX 76140

  4. Ken Normandy says:

    Vinci Santa,

    I cannot lie to you. I was bad this year, very bad, in the field. I’m hoping to find a BMB-M under my tree to help me be the softball player I’ve always wanted to be, or at least look good trying.

    Merry Christmas,

  5. Timothy Witt says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    Throughout this year I have been naughty and nice. Depending on what person/woman you are talking too. I greatfully have ran across your line of gloves this year, and what a find it was. My first full season back into softball and it was an easy choice over the other “mainstream” brands. Vinci gloves are in a class of their own and I appreciate the hardwork and dedication it takes to put out a quality product.

    On my wish list this year:

    Any glove with your Blue Leather! Beautiful!
    Glove Care Kit
    Bone batting gloves (Large)

    Timothy Witt
    3214 Normandy Drive
    Sherman, Texas 75090

  6. Steve Garrido says:

    Hi Santa,

    I’ve been very good this year spending most of my free time coaching my son’s teams and this spring my daughters’ Shetland team. My son catches and plays first base a lot. he’s 9 1/2 and is using my Wilson A2403 from my college days and a smallish glove at first base. He would love something more suitable for either of those positions (RHT). I will hold off asking for anything myself as I am still breaking in my PC2443 for softball, and my thought that Christmas is for kids. I will be back soon to find a smaller glove for the baseball field. Take care and thanks…..Steve

  7. Ed Desmond says:

    I have been a very good boy and have recently fell in love with Vinci. Recently purchased my first one. For x-mas I sure would like a tj-1952 glove black.

  8. Robin Hawk says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    My son has been very good this year and really deserves a great Christmas gift. He is very selfless and would give the jacket off his back to someone he thought really needed it. I never have to ask him to clean up his room, do his chores, or help me out when I need a hand…which is pretty much all the time. He volunteers at his school organizing donations of things to fill baskets that he and his classmates give out to the less fortunate over the holidays and he’s done this every year for the last 5 years and it brings him such joy. Last year he also started planning an organization for his senior project that will teach baseball to inner-city students in hopes of keeping them out of trouble.

    I have no idea how he managed to turn out to be such an amazing young man without having a good role model in his father. I will say that one of the only good things that has come from his father lately is that he is actually the one that told me about Vinci Santa. His father plays softball constantly and uses Vinci gloves and my son has always wanted one too, but despite having dozens of bats, gloves, you name it, he hardly spends a dime on our boy. It figures that rather than buy our son what he wants he expects Vinci santa to take care of his responsibility,..that’s so typical of him, but I digress.

    This is the last year my boy will be playing high school baseball, but he hopes to go on to play in college next year. He’s had his current glove (a hand-me-down from my ex) since he was 13 and besides getting rid of that smelly thing, I would really like him to have a great new glove, but there’s no way I could possibly afford it. I apologize, but I don’t know much about your gloves and that in itself may disqualify me from this, but I do know he is right handed to throw and uses a 12″ glove. I’ve looked on your site and all the gloves look SO beautiful. Any of them would be valued like a treasure by him, but then again you could probably just get him a card and he would be so thankful for that in itself.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

    Merry Christmas and thank you,


    1800 Fuller-Wiser Rd
    Apt 1203
    Euless, TX 76039

  9. Paul Konopka says:

    Vinci Santa,
    Health and happiness to Pete and his family. God bless and thanks for taking care of our troops. Semper Fidelis, Paul

  10. Michelle Lopez says:

    Michelle Lopez
    508 Prospect Ave.
    Neptune NJ 07753

    Me and my husband had our first baby this year and I really want him to have something nice but moneys tight for our little family. I know the father of the year would love a JBV04 LHT under the tree. But anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

  11. Antonio Lopez says:

    I feel that I deserve a pair of Large Vinci Bones Batting Gloves. I eat, breathe, live, and sleep softball. I never use anything fielding glove other than my Red Vinci TJ-1952-L. When the opposition sees my red glove go up, they don’t bother running to first base. They head straight to the dugout. If I had a pair of bones batting gloves, I would be complete. Thanks Vinci Santa.

    Antonio Lopez

  12. Scott Long says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    After a year that i have had i like to think i am due for some good luck for the holidays. laid off of 3 jobs, acl surgery, and not much softball due to injuries i have been doing a lot of internet shopping with money i dont have. I have been looking at the NEW Mesh Glove Model AB-M , PJV04-L : 13 inch Blue Fielders Glove or JC1903-L : 12.5 inch Net-T Web, they look just amazing. Also been looking to get a bag for all my gear. In all honesty anything from you guys for christmas would be amazing and so greatly appreciated. Merry christmas and happy new year!

    Thanks for the chance to turn my year right around with some softball gear for next season!

    Scott long
    25 hummingbird trail
    Vernon , NJ 07422

  13. Gilbert Tanguma says:

    Vinci Santa
    Would love to see my daughter get one of the new 12.5 Fp Vinci RCV-L . She has played competitive ball for a few yrs and the glove would make her christmas. She has been very good this yr even with us having to tighten our budget .
    God Bless and Merry Christmas

  14. Amy Newtson says:

    I just met a 6th grader named Adam that joined us at the last minute for Thanksgiving. I asked him if he plays baseball and he answered “No, but I want to.”

    Now, me knowing that 6th grade is late to start baseball, would like to help him. I have been looking for a glove. He is normal size to small, so an 11 inch glove or similar, would be good.

    His father has been deceased for some time and a new ball glove or other equipment would make a nice Christmas for him.

  15. Phil Denman says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I may not have made your “nice” list (who of us hasn’t been a little naughty), but I hope you can see past that and make my holiday season a happy one. This year the only thing on my Christmas list is a RHT Vinci mesh back glove. Before finding out that Vinci would be offering a mesh glove for this holiday season I purchased a similar (but subpar) mesh back glove from some company that claims to make gold gloves. Besides not being made of gold as I was promised, the stitching has already started to come loose and the glove is getting floppy and it’s not even 3 months old yet.

    If all the good boys and girls have made it impossible for your workshop to fulfill this wish, this little boy would be happy with some sunglasses to keep his eyes keen, a XXL pullover to keep his body dry, or a pair of XL batting gloves to keep his hands toasty.

    Thank you in advance and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


    Phil Denman
    2839 Modesto Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94619

  16. Brian Witty says:

    I’m proud to have found Vinci gloves this year! Since discovering the craftsmanship of your gloves, I am constantly showing them off and recommending them to everyone! I now own a JBV04, and a TJ1952-L and both are GREAT! I’m also impressed with the bones batting gloves! I would be honored to receive a smaller glove this year for infield, but I would consider ANY gift I were to get from Vinci Santa a blessing. I already feel gifted for having found a company that still takes pride in crafting a quality product! Thanks Vinci!

  17. Dear Vinci Santa,
    For a very long time I’ve been wanting to buy a Vinci glove but due to unforeseen circumstances another year goes by without me having one. Some of my friends have Vinci Gloves and I must say that these are great quality, made to last, and beautiful. I refuse to buy another glove until I’m able to afford a Vinci.
    Today I crossed upon this Vinci Santa so I said what the heck, Santa never brings me anything I want but why not give it a shot. By dream glove would my a RHT TJ1952 in black or blue.
    Well thank you for your time and thank you for making someone’s X-mas one to not be forgotten.

    Edward Olivares
    7336 Quill Dr. Unit 68
    Downey, CA 90242

  18. jerome adams says:

    Hello Vinci Santa
    I hate to say it, but I don’t own anything Vincci. When it comes to softball I buy all the expensive bats, and have the cheapest glove possible (a ralwlings silverback). But this year will be different. On my list is a BR45 and if that isn’t available I would just like a discount coupon so that I could purchase it. Thats all Vincci, see you on the 25th

  19. Chris Paxton says:

    Vinci Santa,

    Any Vinci product would be great. At the top of my wishlist would be a BMB-L or a RV1961 in red. Some number 5 batting gloves in XL would be awesome to have. Thanks for your time.

    Chris Paxton
    205 Broward Ave
    Marion, TX 78124

  20. Levi Meyer says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I’ve been workin hard all year and am ready for the holidays! Im a freshman at Iowa Western Community College who is now the defending Junior College National Champions. I use the 5’s batting gloves and the Bones, I believe Vinci has a very quality product and most importantly durable! I would really appreciate finding a new FC11 : 33 inch Catcher’s glove under the tree this year, and I believe that would complete my gear to make everything I have VINCI!!! Thank you for your time and Happy Holidays!

    Levi Meyer
    2542 Yellowstone Circle
    Wichita, KS 67215

  21. Chad Pattullo says:

    I’m a father of 2 healthy kids so I have everything I need. But as a full time student In college money is tight and I’d love to see my son open youth Vinci sunglasses or a pancake training glove on Christmas day.
    Keep up the good work Vinci!!

    Chad Pattullo
    18026 Crosshaven Dr.
    Rowland Heights, Ca. 91748

  22. Mike Storm says:

    Vinci Santa,

    You are one cool mutha… you watch your mouth at Christmas… I was just talking about Vinci Santa. Vinci Santa has been very good to me in the past and I can never thank him enough… I currently use a Vinci glove, bag, sunglasses, and pants… the only thing I wish for these days is one of the new PJV16 but that is asking a lot. I am appreciative of anything Vinci Santa brings me and I make sure to pimp your brand and gear for being the most durable and best looking out there… and the most generous. Okay, enough sucking up… Merry Christmas… YEAH I SAID IT… NONE OF THIS HAPPY HOLIDAY CRAP… STRAIGHT UP MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Mike Storm
    POB 351
    Hyde Park, VT 05655

  23. Ooops I meant RHT. Sorry

    Vinci still rocks.

  24. Vinci Santa,

    I finally took the plunge and picked up a BMB-L couple months ago. I’m extremely impressed with this glove and can’t wait to use it in the spring. I’d love for my wife to have a 12.75-13″ LHT Vinci to call her own.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Vinci rocks!!!!

    Derek Phythian
    181 Knapton Drive
    Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
    L3X 3B5

  25. Bruce Ludwick says:

    After years of playing softball and baseball using cheap gloves, I finally dropped the coin and bought my first glove, a BR45. I absolutely love the glove, and can’t imagine going back to the gloves I’ve used in the past. Between picking up my glove and investing in quality bats for my church team this year, it’s been an awesome year of softball for me. My church team went from 3-7 to 6-4 this year, so we definitely saw a difference. I was also pimping Vinci to teammates when I could, and 2 are considering one for this year!

    As far as a wish list, I would be happy with anything Vinci related. I play 1B, so a 1B Mitt would be sweet (although we play 14″ softball so it would probably need to be BIG). Like I said, though, any thing with the Vinci name on it would make my day/week/Christmas season.

  26. Mack Crosby says:

    Dear Vinci Santa ,

    Mack is 11 and plays Catcher every year for at least 8 months and practices year-round. This year he played for 4 teams. He would really like to have a Catchers Mitt that would last. He like’s using size 33″.
    He makes straight A’s in school and has been very good ! He has started playing “Live Arm” this Fall and loves it ! His last time at bat he sent one over the fence. Baseball is very important to him. Merry Christmas !

  27. eric trujillo says:

    Vinci Santa,
    Its been a rough year after our move to tucson. we are back on our feet and after a long year of softball I need a new glvoe for pitching vinci santa a 13in mesh back would be lovley on the mantle or a 12-12.5 in would be great for the wife who after her 3rd knee surgery is coming back for more in 2011 thanks you vinci santa..

  28. Steve Lee says:

    Steve Lee
    9115 Judicial Dr #4518
    San Diego, CA 92122

    Would love to get my brother a Vinci RV56…just bought an RV60 from one of your reps in NY and would like to get my brother one as well but I just don’t have the funds for it as I recently graduated from college. My brother is still in college is starting to get into softball so this would be the perfect present! Man it would be nice if me and my brother were roaming the middle infield with our Vinci’s on!

  29. Dann Peck says:

    Would love to try an AB-M , but some blue Bones-L or a shirt-XL or even just a new glove bag would be greatly appreciated ! I’ve spoken to many of you on the phone when placing orders…even Pete, & have always been treated like family ! I love my Vincis & wish all at Vinci a very merry Christmas & a blessed new year ! Thank you !
    Dann Peck

  30. Ryan Fraley says:

    How I hath loved thee, from the moment I touched it. Like we were meant to be together. First time playing outfield I wanted a great glove. The trap style gloves always intrigued me. I researched to come up with one glove. I fondled it, loved it, slept with it, and became one with the Vinci PJV1972. Nothing escapes. The glove is the perfect outfield glove. It was the best choice I ever made. I’ve used it every time I take the outfield, it always has my back. Something is missing…

    I’m looking for another glove with that same love. That same passion the PJV1972 brings. I think I have a small man crush on the AB74-L. It’s so versatile! No matter where I play, the Vinci AB74-L will do me no wrong. Vinci Santa, make us one! My Christmas could not be complete without the Vinci AB74-L.


  31. Sky mills teammates says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,
    Our team went from being very bad to pretty good this year however we have a big hole in our defense our manager/3rd baseman desperately needs a new glove. We are fearful any time anyone hits a line drive at him because his glove is so floppy it usually just folds over and the ball falls out. Although a new glove may not make him better at least he will look like he knows how to play. So please Vinci Santa do us all a favor and bring Sky a new glove. Thank you from the hooterville Giants.

  32. Adam Peterson says:

    Adam Peterson
    419 S. 3rd St.
    LaCrescent, MN, 55947

    Would love to be using the

    RV1961-L : 12.75 inch Blue Fielders Glove Dual Web

    for next season!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  33. Tim Tomlinson says:

    Tim Tomlinson
    2110 Birdwood Cir
    Corinth, TX 76210

    I got married 2 years ago to the the greatest woman in the world. She gives me anything I want at the expense of what she needs. We play coed together and she still uses an old glove and is in need of a new one. She bought me a JD73-L this year and I love it. If Vinci Santa smiles on me this year, I would love to give her a blue BMB-L on Christmas morning.

  34. Jeff Fischer says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I am not in need of anything has I have been tremendously blessed this year. But I would like a young man on my Modified Fastpitch team to get a catchers mitt. He would be so excited to get one and wouldn’t have to borrow one all the time. Thanks

  35. Oscar Ortiz says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I’m looking for a new glove for the future wife. I’ve been saving all my pennies trying to get her the perfect engagment ring, unfortunately I can’t get her anything else… If I want to pull this off. She plays year round co-ed at 3rd base and her cheap pink/black Rawlings is just not cutting it anymore. I purchased a vinci over 2 years ago and she has always wanted me to get her one. I would like to see her in something like a rv56 or jd73. I also bought her a pair of bones when i purchased my glove and she swears by them…maybe a fresh pair would be nice… Size small. We would be very pleased and having Vinci Santa stop by would be perfect.
    Happy holidays!!!
    Oscar Ortiz
    5255 Norma way 143
    Livermore ca 94550

  36. Josh Plumlee says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I would like a PJV04-L in B&B mesh for Christmas. I know, it doesn’t exist but this is a wish list right. I have been a Vinci guy since I first got in to softball 8 years ago. I bought a PC2443 and have never looked back. This year I purchased (all from Steve) a black PJV04-L for me, a black RV1961-L for my wife, and a B&B JD73 (just because it was so pretty). We also sport our InVINCIble jerseys at bp, along with Vinci sunglasses that Vinci Santa dropped off a few years ago. We love our Vinci gear!

    Our kids aren’t old enough for Vinci gear yet, so I guess my wish list would include his and hers Vinci T-shirts or pullovers in M and XL…or whatever Vinci Santa thinks would be best.

    Thanks and may you be blessed with continued success!

  37. Dear Vinci Santa,

    This year has been extremely difficult in my household. My sister went missing and my wife and I spent much of our holiday money to find her and bring her home. I have also been trying to start a program for children with Autism while working my other job full time. I had hoped to buy a new TJ-1952 this year but have not had the money to do so due to the circumstances in my family. I would love a new glove but would be thankful for anything that Vinci Santa would be able to send my way this year.

    Happy Holidays to everyone making others dreams come true!

    Keith Berglund
    4214 La Pinata Way #240
    Oceanside, CA 92057

  38. Kris Ayers says:

    My son has seen me play softball with Vinci gloves for years. He has been saving up to get a WV32: 12.75 RHT. It would be great if he could get this glove from the Vinci Santa. It would be one of the best presents he has ever recieved.

    Kris Ayers
    530 Circle Way St.
    Lake Jackson TX 77566

  39. Martin Zsembik says:

    I discovered Vinci this year and have worn the PJV1972, BMB-L, PJV-L and one other Vinci since last summer. I also use the Bones batting gloves exclusively. I am a huge supporter of Vinci and have turned a couple of teammates on to the brand as well. I even gave a brand new B&B JD73 to my secret santa on a certain softball website.

    If Vinci santa deems me worthy I would love a pair of Bones batting gloves black/white size small or if I’m really lucky, a BMB-M in black.

    Martin Zsembik
    221 E Ash St #H
    Brea, CA 92821

  40. Lindsay says:

    Lindsay Johnson
    1785 Kenwood way
    Marysville ca 95901

    Dear Vinci Santa,
    I bought my husband a Vinci Glove last year for Valentines day. It was promptly stolen with all of his other softball gear out of his vehicle after only 2 weeks of use. I have been unable to replace his glove as I have been laid off for the past year. It would be awesome to be able to put a new Vinci glove under the tree. Thank you Vinci Santa.

  41. Sky Mills says:

    Dear Vinci Santa , I would love to find a model PJV16 : Red 13 inch CP Kip Leather Glove Trapeze Web under my tree this year ! The truth is I suck ! BUT maybe if I had a sweet new glove I would suck less ! If not at least I would look good as I’m stinking up the infield . I have a great group of guys I play ball with and I’m sure they would greatly appreciate me sucking a little less also ! So if you could help a guy out that has a true love of the game that would make for a great christmas . Thanks

  42. John O'Sullivan says:

    I have been good all year Vinci Santa. I purchased my first Vinci earlier this year a BV1945 and it’s by far the best glove I’ve ever owned. I have sung the praises of the Vinci products ever since I bought mine. I play mostly 1st base at this point in my life due to being a lefty and not as fast as I used to be but I would honestly be happy with anything that Vinci Santa would be willing to send me. Nothing better than playing softball while using Vinci products… XL Bones would be awesome too….

  43. Jacob Morlock says:

    I’ve been saving my money to buy a MV3 : 11.75 inch CP Kip Leather Two Piece Web right hand throw. My dad has been making me play with a muzuno glove and its so flimsy the balls just fly out of the pocket. Please Vinci Santa send me the greatest baseball glove for the upcoming baseball season.

    Thank You Vinci Santa,


  44. Mel Napalo says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I am a huge backer of Vinci, have been for the past 10yrs I have played softball, the only gloves I own. I would love to try a pair of XXL White Batting gloves if you guys make them. That would be a great gift if Vinci Santa swung by my house with it !! Thanks and Happy Holidays, keep up the GREAT work , your products are second to none !!


  45. Chad Metzger says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I know that I should be on your “nice” list this year. After all, I bought a TJ1952-L and brag to all my teammates how great this glove is. So much that two other teammates have purchased gloves! Since this is a wish list, I would like to get a new PJV416-L. If your elves cannot have one ready for you in time to deliver, I would be happy with a XL Vinci pullover or a pair of Vinci Black framed sunglasses.

    Merry Christmas to all and to everyone at Vinci keep up the great work!

    Chad Metzger
    13232 Portal Drive, #7
    Omaha, NE 68138

  46. Erik Sakovitch says:

    I believe I have been a good guy this year. If I could get anything it would be a Vinci RV1961-L red colored. But not being greedy I would like a new pair of Bones batting gloves.

    Erik Sakovitch.
    121 Prospect Street
    Binghamton, NY 13905

  47. Jack Schaller says:


    My Dad bought me a Vinci glove this fall for baseball. I am 12 and play travel ball. My sister Maggie needs a new softball glove because she has had hers since she was 9. My sister and I have played baseball together and she is a great 2nd baseman; I would love for her to get a new glove. We won 2 championships together and it was the most fun ever.
    She will play for the high school next year. thanks, Jack

  48. Gillian Fortier says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I ahve been really good again this year! :) for the last 2 years ,I have rec’d an awesome pair of batting gloves in size large.

    I just turned 14 & my dad bought me my first Vinci glove used this year used from a guy on
    He has showed me pictures of your new fastpitch line that a rep has been sharing with him and the gloves look so cool!!

    My dad was laid off for 10 months but is now back to work so I’m hoping to maybe find a new glove under the tree!!

    I am looking forward to playing Varsity as a freshman and would love to do it wearing one of your new gloves!! I use a 12.5 inch glove and my school colors are maroon, black and grey so we have really been looking into the bordeaux gloves but black would be just fine too

    I hope to find a gift from Vinci Santa under my tree but if not; that would be ok too as I did get something for the last 2 years :)

    Merry Chrisitmas to you and every1 at Vinci!!

    my address is
    75 Woodbine St, 2nd floor
    Naugatuck CT 06770

  49. Kurt Guthrie says:

    I’ve been good this year! I would like from Vinci Santa a pair of Lg Bones batting gloves.

  50. Tony Picucci says:

    Tony Picucci
    12724 Coralview Road
    Midlothian, VA 23114

    My son would like to see a BV1150-M glove under his tree for Christmas. That would make my Christmas as well.

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