Vinci Santa is Back!!!

Vinci Santa

With the Holidays upon us Vinci Santa is checking his Naughty and Nice list again. So if you think you’ve been good, tell Vinci Santa why you think you should be on the list and what you’d like for Christmas this year!

In the “Leave a Reply Box” below leave your name, address and what you wish you could find under the tree on this Christmas and Maybe you will make the Vinci Santa Nice list.

Happy Holidays


93 Responses to “Vinci Santa is Back!!!”

  1. Vinci says:

    You are welcome Paul! Happy New Year!!

  2. Paul Nork says:

    Thank you Vinci Santa, for making my holidays great!

    All the best,
    Paul Nork

  3. Vinci says:

    Thank you Paul

  4. Paul says:

    Always knew there was a Santa! Hopefully I haven’t been too naughty this year. Have been wanting to try one of those bigger softball mesh gloves but have not had the funds available to make the purchase. Going through graduate school, upcoming wedding funds and supporting a younger brother’s non-essential finances are tough. Hoping to get a little love from the Vinci Santa.

    Paul Chung
    43-32 194th Street
    Flushing, NY 11358

  5. Geraldine Kugler says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,
    I am writing on behalf of my daughter, Emma, she is junior in HS has been playing varsity softball since Freshman year. This past year has brought on some serious health issues that has stopped her progress in softball. She is so discouraged because she doesn’t know if she will be able to compete as she did and at the level she wants to. The only glove she has currently she has outgrown but anything softball related for a “left-handed” thrower would be such a Christmas blessing. She typically is at third base or in the outfield.
    Regardless it is so nice for a company such as yours to bring a bright light to people who are in need or have difficult situations. God Bless you and Merry Christmas!

  6. Dave Szegda says:

    Dear vinci santa,

    I feel I have been very good this year!. I always make sure everyone is happy before me and for once would like to make myself happy. I work 60+ hrs a week for little money and have been saving for months to buy an AB74 13′ in black. I almost have all the money ready to buy this beauty :)…Well to get to the only thing I would love from the vinci santa would be if theres anyway if I could order and pay for a glove and have my name and number put on the glove(Dave Szegda #3)!!!…It would be honor to look down at a gorgeous vinci on my hand with my name on it!…I know vinci does not do this but i was hoping that the vinci santa could work his magic :)…Either way vinci is the greatest glove company to date and I will continue to wear and promote vinci products forever!

    Thanks so much and happy holidays,
    Dave Szegda

  7. Derrick says:

    Dear Jolly Vinci Santa,

    Happy Holidays to you!

    This was the first season that I have gotten more serious about softball and realized the difference between the quality of both gloves and bats and how they do have an impact on the game overall. I had previously only participated in weeknight work-related leagues, but am now involved in a couple of tournaments and 1-2 weekend leagues. I love the Vinci brand (have had discussions with a couple different reps) and so do a couple teammates of mine. We can’t use any other gloves. Currently own the JD73-L and AB-M. (teammates have the EI1918, BMB-L and another CP2 glove)

    I am hoping that I am on Santa’s good list this year and a larger (13+”) Vinci glove might pop up under my christmas tree for me to test the outfield in softball for 2011!

    Derrick Chin
    200-66 39th Avenue
    Bayside, NY 11361

  8. Gavin Myers says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I have been a very good boy this year. Well except for the fact I am having to struggle through my games wearing a Worth Liberty and dreaming of a sweet, sweet Vinci on my hand. Oh please find it in your ever wise and generous ways to save the soul of another lost Worth user,
    See, the problem is, I am addicted. Damn this sport! Thanks in advance!

    Dreaming of the sweet joy,


  9. Steve says:

    Hi Vinci Santa,

    I would really like for Vinci Santa to leave a LHT First base glove for my fiance for Christmas. She loves the BMB-L I got her for my birthday, and she got me a PJV16 for Christmas from one of your Reps.

    She works hard (finishing her degree part time and works full time, traveling all across the city working with children) and she has decided she is going to start playing first base next year.

    Steve Johnston
    49 Vanbrugh Ave
    Toronto, On

  10. Andy Iwai says:

    Hey Vinci Santa-was looking to buy a 1961 this yr to get ready for next year.But-I had to come up w/$600 to fix my forklift.My 1923 will hold it down til’ next summer though.Some nice lg Vinci wht batting gloves would be nice under the tree.:)
    Thanks Vinci Santa,
    Andy Iwai
    16479 Quail Ridge Ln.
    Chino Hills,Ca.91709
    PS-you got some great reps workin’ SBF for you guys.Thanks again

  11. john chen says:

    I could really use a pair of Black multi lenses sunglasses, and a pair or L. bones batting gloves in White and black, and if possible a glove break in kit. Thanks Vinci Santa. John

  12. JASON says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I have been good all year, I am hoping for something nice under my tree this year. I am a pitcher and am always looking to get a larger glove. I am currently using a 14 inch Vinci. If I have not been that good this year another pair of your wonderful batting gloves (size med) or a shirt would be wonderful.

    On the bump, trying not to get killed


  13. Nikole says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,
    I love my JBV04 and my TJ1952. I take good care of them and keep them nice and clean. It would be great to have some black Vinci sunglasses!


  14. David says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I have been good all year, and have been a great supporter of the vinci brand for a long time. I have been very patient trying to find one Red pjv16 for a some time now. I have been holding out for a long time also in hopes that I would find one. They aren’t easy to come by unless you purchase one brand new. I love my 1972 and continue to use it to this day, but I would really love to have the red pjv16.

    David Molina
    15602 Falda Ave
    Gardena, CA 90249

  15. Mike Smith says:

    For Christmas this year, I’d like to see some kids who wouldn’t normally get the chance to play with good gloves get the chance to play with Vinci. Perhaps this could be accomplished through donations of used and/or demo gloves to selected youth/amateur programs. Who knows, maybe MLB could distribute to needy RBI programs and via their connections throughout Latin America.

    Merry Christmas to All,
    Mike Smith

  16. Jay Rassat says:

    Vinci Santa,
    I almost forgot (and didn’t follow the rules correctly the first time – chalk another one up for me on the ‘bad’ side).

    Jay Rassat
    1230 Varner Way
    Buffalo, MN 55313

  17. Well to be honest I found out about these gloves from SBF. Have been a member there for sometime and just got more and more into my equipment. Anyway where I live in Saskatoon i’ve never seen these gloves I do not think that there is any retailer that even sells them up here. Smaller community. Anyway in researching and learning i’ve really come to like the all black tj1952 rht glove. To be honest they are all awesome and I would take anyone in a heart beat. So if I could have my wish it would be to have one of those under my tree. Merry Christmas everyone and happy holiday.


  18. Ryan Brown says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    This year has been a long one for me since I started building my first house this past April. It has been a long and frustrating road but I was able to keep myself sane by playing softball every time I had the chance pitching for my Mens and Co-ed team in tournaments. I have been able to provide work for many deserving friends and family members which should put me on the “Nice” list this year but as it gets closer to move in I find myself paying more than I imagined in the end. My current glove is showing its age and I would like to treat myself with a quality glove for once but doubt I will be able to this year for Christmas. I was hoping Vinci Santa would be able to give me a softball Christmas with a RHT Bordeaux BR46 instead of potholders and towels like I am expecting.

    Merry Christmas!
    -Ryan Brown

  19. Hanley Wasson says:

    Hi Vinci Santa, I have been a very good boy this year. I didnt pick on my sister and my grades are pretty good. My dad wont buy me a new glove for xmas because he said he already spent too much. I would love nothing more than a red PJV16 or PJV04-L. Just so you know, I throw with my right hand. =)


  20. Sean Smith says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    With the status of the US economy it is amazing that you are still going above and beyond when so many others are looking for ways to cut back. I am one of the folks that can barley make ends meet while looking for employment but knowing that there are solid companies still out there gives me hope. Any gift would be beyond gracious but I could use sz.Med Bones batting gloves becasue I gave my last pair away while on a prison minstry trip. A PJV416 13″ would be more than awesome because I have no money for a new glove….. Regardless if I get anything or not…You all are still one of the best glove compnies out there without a doubt!!!

    Sean Smith
    8106 Jack Jones Rd.
    Knoxville, TN 37920

  21. Paul Nork says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I have been very good this year, working to rehab my rotator cuff that I injured over the summer. While putting in countless hours of hard work both on and off the field, my “old” glove, a ‘top of the line’ glove from another major manufacturer that I bought only two seasons ago, has developed a hole in the palm, leaving my index finger exposed. I have tried to get it fixed, but I realized it would be better to just get a superior product (a JC3300-L in black or blue, left handed thrower) to stop the problem before it could happen again.
    Also- I read the blog entry about remembering Pearl Harbor- It reminded me of my grandfather who served in the Air Force during WWII and Korea, and was stationed in Greenland to shield our nation any Soviet cruise missiles headed for the mainland. He was a brilliant leader and stood for everything that Benjamin Vinci did during his service; Yet, he died in a car crash in 1954 when my father was only two years old. It is refreshing to see a company that isn’t only about greed and profit margin, but about pride in their work and the American Dream.

    In Loving Memory- Maj. William Owen Belton, 1920-1954

    Paul Nork
    3219 Sharon Court
    Lafayette, CA 94549

  22. Evan Hunt says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I have been very good this year. Donating my money and time to various charities and helping people in need. I have been trying to save my money for a new glove, but due to money financial problems within my family, the money has always had to go elsewhere. I am a 15 year old that would really enjoy using a JC3300-L Blue. That would make this Christmas the best ever.

    Evan Hunt
    314 Maple Tree Ln
    Chuluota, FL 32766

  23. Jay Rassat says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,
    I think I have been good this year, but who are we kidding? We all make a few mistakes throughout the year.

    I wanted to let you know I am happy with any gift you would want to give – this is something that no other company does and I think it sets you guys apart. I have owned a number of gloves (and currently do not use a Vinci). I moved from IF to OF (and now P/C/wherever – mainly due to injury and because I suck) and when I switched to OF or positions with bigger gloves, I got rid of my original 2443’s. Honestly, this glove was my favorite glove ever. A fantastic combination of flexibility, firmness, weight, durability – you name it and this glove had it. I want to find something similar to this in a 13 – 13.5″ I really loved the open back H-web (or single post) and this is a tough glove to find these days. So, even if you don’t send me something, please bring a glove of this style back so a guy like me can look into investing in one.

    Thanks and have a happy new year.

  24. dan stewart says:

    Dear Vinci Santa.
    Did you check your naughty list – I hope I am not on it. I believe I was a very good little boy this year. I am not sure of the Model number, I have been waiting patiently for the remaking/upgraded womens fastpitch catchers mitt size 35 inch(black and tan). this would actually be for my daughter, Ashley.
    Ashley is fouteen years old and has been catching for a few years and really enjoys it.
    But as you know frequently all the catchers gear has too be replaced this year.
    One of Ashleys goal is to join the Air Force Academy after high school graduation in a few years, as of now the Air Force does not have this in place for a division 1 sport for the women softball.
    I know getting the U.S. government to institute womens softball is a tall order for even Santa, maybe a catchers mitt will do.
    thanks Vinci Santa
    Dan Stewart

  25. Jason McCracken says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,
    I have been a good boy this year, workin hard to take care of the family and do all the right things a father should. Never owned a vinci but have read plenty good things about them was looking at the RV1923 or a pair of the bones batting gloves (size XL) if either made it under the tree I would be a very happy boy for Christmas.

    P.S. Cookies and milk will be on the mantle.

  26. Matthew hurley says:

    Dear Vinci Santa
    I’ve been a good boy all year long ( really!). Last year I purchased a tj1952lb 13 inch from a sales rep, great to deal with, I also purchased a pair of vinci glasses. These were the best glasses for playing ball that I’ve ever wore (I’ve tried them all). I even wore the glove and glasses in several of my wedding photos! Unfortunatly the glasses have gone amongst the missing :(. And while I would really love to have a tj1952 in 13.5 inches a new pair of glasses for Christmas would make me the happiest guy in town! Thanks vinci Santa. I will be sure to leave something extra special out for you this year!
    Your pal

  27. Lisa Leonardo says:

    Dear Santa,

    This really isn’t a request for me but my for my husband who is getting a new Vinci glove for Christmas this year put together what we hope will be the first annual Toys For Tots softball tournament in Okinawa, Japan this last Saturday, December 4 and ran the tournament for all 16 hours will little or no assistance. The turn out was great and they collected 96 toys for needy children. The tournament wasn’t approved until 2 weeks prior to the date. We had 8 teams show up even though some were short players and everyone had a great time doing a good thing for less fortunate children. I really feel as if he is deserving of a gift from the Vinci Sant a this year for the wonderful thing he did this year. Even though he didn’t have much time with the busy schedule he has being a United States Marine, he made the time to make the tournament a huge succucess this year. Everyone at the tournament had a great time doing a good deed for those less fortunate.

    His name is Staff Sgt Joseph Leonardo and he really amazed me with all of the effort and time he put into this worthy cause this year and getting so many people involved with this tournament at the last minute.

    Lisa Leonardo
    PSC 559 Box 5436
    FPO, AP 96377

  28. Jacob Boone says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I think I’ve been a pretty good boy this year. I just finished up my longest year of softball in mid October. I definitely played way more games than I ever had before. Of course, around here, playing a lot of ball also means doing your share of umpiring which I did. It’s not always easy umping when your friends are involved or when you are umping some pretty serious teams with money on the line. I also ran one of my teams and had to make some tough decisions in tournament as we had 12 players, but I did the best I could, as fairly as I could and we won a league championship! My other team finished our first season as a league and tournament team and we’re looking to play in some bigger tournaments this next go around.

    I’ve been coaching basketball since October as well and haven’t had much time to invest much time or thought for softball for the next year. I’ve been trying to spread the word about Vinci products here in Southern Illinois. I like using bigger gloves and would love one I can use to scoop up everything I can on the infield or outfield. I also started pitching some this fall so a good-sized glove would give me some security on the rubber. I would love to find the BV19 softball glove for a right-handed thrower under my tree this year. Hopefully I’ve been good enough to get one but if not, I definitely understand. I have a BV1945 already. If I’m lucky enough to get the BV19, I would like to let my dad have my 1945 or the BV19, whichever he prefers. He’s 54 and still going strong in the outfield. Nothing compares to getting to play alongside your dad out there. I would have never gotten into softball if not for him. I think it’d be pretty cool for me to go from being the only guy in town with a Vinci to being the only father-son duo in town with Vincis.

    I love following updates from Vinci on Facebook and I’ve actually discovered a pretty good dude who is a rep for Vinci, first on and then we added each other on Facebook. I can’t imagine any other company doing something like this and it just shows that Vinci truly cares about its customers and looks at them like family. Thanks for your time and all you do for your softball and baseball players.

    Jacob Boone from Good old Southern Illinois

  29. scott kopick says:

    Dear Vinci Santa;

    The year has been a tuff…….being a single dad and other stuff. I have the greatest gift of all……a healthy sweet little girl who just turned 12years………anything for her would be great appreciated.


  30. T. Brucker says:

    Well I already have a nice Vinci JD73-L. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my glove and even a few man I wish I had one if those. Well what I would like to do is see if Vinci Santa would send me another JD73-L Bourdeaux. My intention with a new JD73-L is to donate it to the swingingbunt charities ( Last year (2010) was the fourth annual tournament and we raised $12,000.00 for St. Jude Childrens Hospital Research from entry fees, food sales and mostly from raffle tickets sold for quality softball equipment. I sure hope Vinci Santa can look deep into his heart and help us help kids with true needs!!!

  31. I have nothing to great things to say about your products. I currently have 2 of your wonderful gloves and have converted countless teammates to you gloves. I love that you’ve introduced a mesh back glove great move guys!

    I have been an especially good boy this year and will be moving to 1st base next year I would love to try out one of your 1st base gloves. I prefer a 13.5″ in glove but see you dont’ make a 1st base glove in that size and am willing to use a 13″. I would be thankful for any of your great products you’d be willing to part with.

    Keep up the great work,

    Big D (

  32. Vinci Elf says:

    Hey Santa

    Just a report from one of your elves down south. Reporting that Gillian Fortier has indeed been very good this year, per her report. She has made the NICE list this year with room to spare.

    Reporting from Georgia, Elf #51, out.

  33. Tom says:

    Vinci Santa;

    Bought 2 gloves from Vinci just recently for 2 of my 3 daughters. They are getting them for Christmas. So, I have been good for sales this year, which should make me a good guy. I did get a free Vinci shirt already so I can’t complain. Gave it to my wife to wrap up and put under the tree as I have mostly been getting underwear for x-mas the past few years. Regardless, I would like to ask for the grey framed sunglasses so I don’t have to squint when watching my kids play softball with gloves 100x nicer than I ever had. Thx.

    Tom Conway
    407 Lemont Street
    Lemont, IL 60439

  34. Rudy says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,
    I’ve heard alot about your gloves. I was eyeballing the BV1929-L or the JD73-L in Bordeaux. They look like a sexy piece of leather and would look very nice on my hand playing the in-field. I think I’ve been pretty good this year even though I was out of work since April due to a injury. I feel things have been going OK still. Thank you Santa Vinci for reading my wish list and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

    Rudy Arciniega
    1417 Destoya Ave
    Rowland Heights, Ca. 91748

  35. Alikhan Salehi says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I have been very good this year. I just purchased a JBV04 LHT First Base mitt. I love it! I love it so much that I want it to use it in games as soon as possible. As I write this note, I am resisting the urge to use Hot Glove to speed up the break in process. Instead, I went to the batting cages and caught 600 fast pitch balls with my new glove. I am being a very dedicated customer and following your break in instructions, despite my urge to stick the beautiful glove in the oven. I would really like a 13″ LHT Outfield Mitt for slow pitch softball. Maybe a trapeze style glove in black (to match my JBV04). I know this is a lot to ask. So thanks for considering my request.

    Best wishes,

  36. Gary says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,
    I have been very good all year and would really like a LHT BR44 softball glove. I spent the summer buying our teams softballs, scorebooks, and providing bats so I couldn’t pick on up myself.

    Gary Unrein
    117 Hill St
    Niagara WI 54151

  37. Jeff Adams says:

    Dear Vinci Santa,

    I have been a good boy LOL but my PJV416 has been a bad she told me that the only reason she has been bad is that she dosnt have any one to to play with, she really needs a new baby brother she said that she wouldnt be picky, she would be happy with any vinci (13 inch) in any color as long as she was still the big sister.

    Jeff Adams
    422 N. Birch st
    Moran, KS 66755

  38. Bill says:

    Vinci Santa, I am writing this in regardsto your ability to grant peoples simple VInci wishes. My wishes are to receive a pair of Vinci Glasses for christmas. Thank you for your consdieration in making my Vinci wishes come true.

    Bill Bosser
    1400 Duncan Loop North #23-104
    Dunedin Florida 34698

  39. Marc says:

    Vinci Santa,
    I’ve been mostly good this year. Very few naughty moments have been caused by me. I have been wearing Vinci pants and batting gloves with pride. I’d really like a trap 13″+ glove to round out the collection (PJV416 in Bordeaux). If that doesn’t make it under my tree, batting gloves (large) or pants (solid color, 36″) will be greatly appreciated.
    Have a great holiday season!
    Marc Atonna
    2940 E Poinsettia Dr
    Phoenix, AZ 85028

  40. Mark says:

    I’ve been wanting the try one of these gloves for awhile. The AB1974-L and the WV32 in particular. Can they possibly be better than my Rawlings Horween gloves? My intuition tells me no, but perhaps Vinci Santa will prove me wrong.

    p.s. I’ve been very nice, of course.

    Mark Augustine
    PO Box 444
    Monroe, CT 06468

  41. Jamie Driscoll says:

    I have one Vinci glove already and I really want another one but I’m not sure I have been quite that good this year! ;) If I am deemed worthy I would really like a PJV416. I wanted a 13.5″ forever but Vinci didn’t have any so I held off. I had to send my daughter to college this year so I just don’t have the funds to pick one up right now. I have turned three of my teammates on to Vinci and they loves their Vinci’s as much as I love mine. I am currently helping another teammate purchase a Vinci through one of the reps on the SBF board as I type. However, they are all IF gloves and they are all RH where as I am LH so I can’t even borrow their gloves if I wanted to.

    If a glove is out of the question I would appreciate a pair of Vinci batting gloves in Large and I know I have been good enough to deserve a pair of them. I had some previously but somehow managed to lose the LH one. I really loved the quality and feel of the my last pair and would be stoked to get a pair directly from Vinci Santa

    Thank you and keep up all the good work!

    Jamie Driscoll
    22809 E. Country Vista Dr.
    Apt. 333
    Liberty Lake, WA 99019

  42. Javier Luna says:

    I just ordered a new Vinci glove through one of your reps. I know Ill love and will spread the word about these gloves. I would love some Large Bones battings gloves too. Either way i will have my new glove soon and will enjoy it.


    Javier Luna
    1039 Enfilar Ln.
    Arlington TX 76017

  43. Stephen Strickland says:

    I tried to be a good boy, but the police officers feel differently. I was saving up some money to buy a JD73-L in bodreax and black combo. (INSERT PITY PARTY HERE)>
    So my license plate registration expired in on my car on October 28th, without my knowledge(didn’t they used to send out a letter to remind you?) and my local University Police found it in their kind hearts to pull me over and let me know they were expired. They did a step better than that, they impounded my car, made me pay for towwing and all the fun stuff, and gave me a ticket. This is on November 9th, 2 weeks after the plates expired. Then just 6 days later i got pulled over for having a burned out tailight, by the same university police officer, he gave me a warning for the tailight, but gave me a ticket for not SIGNING my new registration that i just got 6 days earlier(yes you get a ticket for not literally putting your signature on the registration, 125 bucks). If it wasn’t for bad luck, i would have no luck at all. I drive a beat up cavalier, and was polite, so im not really sure why the police have it out for me.
    So if Santa Vinci would like to make a christmas wish come true for me i would be greatful and would love to be able to show off a new beautiful glove to everyone on my team and leagues!

    Merry Christmas!

    (Even if Santa Vinci can’t make it this year, i guess i just needed a place to vent, and hopefully make someone else crack a smile at my misfortune)

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