Vinci Launches Line of Womens Fast Pitch Softball Gloves

Vinci, makers of high quality baseball gloves and equipment, announces a new line of women’s fast pitch softball gloves.

This line of women’s fast pitch gloves features a new double reinforced mesh backing and a velcro wrist strap. The wrist strap adjusts better to different sizes and shapes. In addition, each softball glove has extra padding to ease impact when catching.

“The fast pitch line was created due to high demand from customers and future customers,” said Pete Vinci, “Women’s fast pitch is now the fastest growing segment of amateur baseball.”

The new softball glove models are:





Individually handcrafted by master craftsman with years of experience and training, these gloves feature the signature Vinci exclusive deep pocket design which allows for better ball control and less spin. The fast pitch gloves include heavy-duty thumb and pinky loops that help retain the glove shape.

“The same leather we use for the pros, we use for these gloves,” said Vinci. “These are pro level gloves. But the mesh back is a little lighter and they break in easier for the players.”

The popularity of women’s fast pitch softball has grown steadily in recent years. Women’s Fast pitch softball exists in organized leagues and in traveling tournament teams. The competition can go as high as college or even Olympic levels. Increased media coverage has contributed to this growth.

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