Vinci Glove Giveaway Winner: Is It You?

The only thing better than buying a new Vinci Baseball Glove is winning a new Vinci Baseball Glove!

For the past three weeks we have been collecting entries in the Vinci Glove Giveaway on Facebook and today is the day the lucky winner is announced.

Is it you? Well, if your name is Deb Wallin, it might be! Check your email to see if you got a winner notification!

The prize for this giveaway is a 11.5” 22-Series black Vinci Glove featuring tan lace, basket web, open back and mesh back. See the glove below. If you weren’t a winner, you can still get a new Vinci Glove at Be sure to join the Vinci mailing list for promotion announcements and special sales!

Thanks to everyone who entered for a chance to WIN VINCI…and congratulations to the winner!