Vinci BV1150-M Baseball Glove Review

We at Vinci are proud of the Baseball Glove review we received from Sport Product Review

Unsung Hero

BV1150-M Reviewed By Sports Product Review

BV1150-M Reviewed by Sports Product Review

There’s nothing we like more than when we unearth a company that’s mostly off the beaten path, but which puts out quality gear that rivals or surpasses the “big boys.” Over the past four years of Sports Product Review’s existence, we’ve found manufactures in nearly every major sport, mostly family-owned, who pride themselves in creating the best product, providing the best customer service, and offering the greatest value, without passing along the cost of a multi-million dollar advertising budget to you.

So, ready for another one? Check out Vinci, Vinci specializes in top-of-the line baseball gloves, batting gloves, sunglasses and other equipment that matches the same quality professionals use. Vinci’s gloves are hand-crafted by a master craftsman who uses only the finest “Kip” leather. Not sure what Kip Leather is? Kip leather is 20% lighter and tighter grained than conventional steer hide. This makes gloves are more pliable, easier to break in, and stronger. The signature Vinci exclusive deep pocket design allows for better control and less spin. And among many more features too numerous to mention, each glove comes shipped with their special glove conditioner, which dramatically decreases break-in time and protects the glove for years of use.

They sent us a glove to use, and it may be the most comfortable we’ve worn. It is solid yet supple; lightweight but sturdy – clearly made to last and perform at the highest level. Even the unique design of the web is ingenious. It catches the ball like a pillow, but instantly rebounds, allowing the fielder to get the ball out of the glove quicker than with other mitts.

And if you want a family business that will give you personal attention, it doesn’t get any better than Vinci. Every model number and signature is dedicated to Benjamin Vinci, World War II hero and father of Pete Vinci, the company’s founder and owner.

Because Vinci knows we all have a little hero in us. You get to prove it in the field. But wearing one of their gloves gives you a head start over the other guys.