Vinci Batting Gloves Sports Product Review

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July 15,2011- Cut From a Different Cloth

Vinci Bones batting Gloves


What else can we say about Vinci Baseball products, except that they’re all winners. From the pro-quality fielders mitt they sent us, to the sleek and cool-looking sunglasses, and now their top-notch batting gloves, you won’t go wrong when you gear up with Vinci.

The first thing you’ll notice about Bones Batting Gloves is their unique and, I dare say, intimidating look. But beyond their aesthetic appeal what you’ll like most is that they are lightweight, as well as very durable and extremely comfortable.

All Vinci products are made by craftsman who care…it is a family business that spans generations. Sure, you can buy the mass-produced stuff from the super-store that every other player has or you can be unique – a cut above – and let Vinci take your game to a higher level.

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