The Meaning Behind The Vinci Glove Names

Did you know that every Vinci model baseball and softball glove is named after either a member of the family or a very close friend? Some are named after current members of the family and many are of family that have passed on and there’s a story to just about every one of them. It’s hard to pick the most interesting story, because they all are. Our President, Pete, personally picks each model number himself. Each glove also contains the actual signature of Pete’s father Benjamin Vinci. This is a tribute to Pete’s dad and the type of special person Benjamin was.

Of course Pete’s other hero and teacher in life was his mother Rose. Both Ben and Rose have passed on but still live on in the Vinci family and influence us every day. So appropriately the first model we start off with is the BRV45. This model stands for the union of Benjamin and Rose Vinci, hence BRV. Another interesting  baseball glove model is the BV1941, also named after Benjamin Vinci with  1941 representing the year Ben was shot and wounded at Pearl Harbor. You can read more about Benjamin Vinci by visiting