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Back from Spring Training

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Well, we’re back from Spring Training and what a wonderful trip it was seeing friends in Florida. The one thing that was not so nice was not having two good friends down there this year. They could not make it down and it wasn’t quite the same without Angelo Corbo and Larry Berra, we missed their company.

Now on to the people we ran into while being here. Seeing our good friend’s Vald Nunez and his wife Gissia, she knows more about baseball than Peter Gammons. Nunez was having a great spring training with the Braves and hope to see him in Atlanta. We also saw many good friends that I’ll be giving updates about during the season. Also, spent a few days with Jim Sanson and Tito which we shared many laughs with. It also brought me much joy seeing and being with players and coaches like Jose Camarena, Phil Britton, Diory Hernandez, Francisley Bueno, Barbaro Canizares, Luis Ortiz, Guy Hansen, Carlos Mendez, Leon Roberts, Dave Brundage, Luis Marte, Sixto Lezcano, Jeff Ridgway and outfielder Wilkin Ramirez. And of course Andy Barkett and Joe DiPastino and his wife Amy with Detroit Tigers. And can’t forget those behind the scenes guys like Nick Dixon, Justin Clift, and Manny Maldonado in Orlando and Woody Saylor, Julie Kremer in Tampa who took good care of us.

Sixto Lezcano - Atlanta Braves coach

Sixto Lezcano - Atlanta Braves coach

Already looking forward to next spring when I hope to have with me my son Peter John, my brother Joe, Nick Jones and good friend Gerry Huppmann. While we were down here got a nice surprise when we received a jersey from the Italian WBC baseball team signed by the players that was really cool thanks so much to Manager, Marco Mazzeri. Now lets get ready for the season … Play Ball !!!

Pete #22

Carlos Mendez

Carlos Mendez

Francisley Bueno

Francisley Bueno

WBC TEAM Italy and Having Heart!

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Did anyone see the game between Team Italy and Team Canada?

Wow, what a Game. Canada was picked to blow Italy away but Italia Manager, Marco Mazzieri had his team play hard and played with a lot of heart and at the end WON the game against tough odds.

There is a lesson here for everyone about life. How many times have you been told that you were too small or too slow to play a sport? Or how many times did the doctor tell the patient you have no chance?

Or that you can’t make it because of whatever. But here is the lesson everyone should learn by this game. When we are told you can’t do this or no chance at that, now’s the time to stand up and pull those sleeves up. Come back and fight and do everything you can and show that heart lives in everyone of us. There’s an old saying my Mom and Dad taught me and that is “never, never, never give up!” You are strong and do whatever you can to stand up and show what you can do. Learn from Marco’s team you keep fighting and fighting back and you may surprise yourself. But the biggest thing in life is keep going forward against all odds and never giving up. I guess life is like a baseball game. So go out there and play with a lot of HEART!

Pete # 22