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Vinci New Line of Baseball and Softball Gloves: The 22 Series

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Vinci 22 Series


The 22 Series  gloves utilize 5.0 oz. US Steer hide which has a touch softer feel , designed for the player who likes a softer fielders glove. This line also comes pre-treated allowing for much shorter break in times. Both the baseball gloves and softball gloves utilizes ‘Shock Pads’ that are strategically placed and sewn inside the lining for better palm protection by covering a larger area of the hand.

These gloves are already getting rave reviews and being compared to or called BETTER than some of our competitors $250-$300 gloves!!


Vinci JV2100-22

11.5 inch            I Web       Mesh Back


Vinci RV1923-22

12.5 inch          H Web         Closed Back


Vinci BMBS-22

13 inch             Dual Post Web        Flex Closed Back



Vinci EI1918-22

13.25 inch      Dual-Hinge Basket Web     Closed Back




13.5 inch             Trapeze Web         Closed Back



Vinci BV1945-22

14 inch                   H-Web            Vinci Closed Back




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NEW Vinci Glove model MEO24-M

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Baseball Glove model MEO24-M Black with Black Mesh and Double Bar Web 12 inch



We at Vinci are SO very proud to announce the newest addition to the Vinci line. As some of you may know, each glove model # we make has some sort of significance.  There have been many people that have affected us and helped us get to where we are today. This glove model is named after a very close friend of the family who also happens to be the creator and designer of our website His name is Michael Orr.  Hence the MEO-24. Thanks for all you do Mike!

Vinci introduces it’s latest glove model to the Mesh Series,  the MEO24-M. This  12 inch infielder’s glove has a double bar web and Vinci open back. As part of the Vinci Mesh Series it features a mesh back that allows it to be lighter in weight and keep the player’s hand cool while helping minimize perspiration.




  • Double Reinforced Mesh Back


  • Rolled Leather Welting


  • Comfort Feel Genuine Kip Leather


  • Heavy-Duty Thumb and Pinky Loops


  • Sheep Skin Finger Stall Lining


  • Pro Guard Palm Pad




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Vinci Launches Line of Womens Fast Pitch Softball Gloves

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Vinci, makers of high quality baseball gloves and equipment, announces a new line of women’s fast pitch softball gloves.

This line of women’s fast pitch gloves features a new double reinforced mesh backing and a velcro wrist strap. The wrist strap adjusts better to different sizes and shapes. In addition, each softball glove has extra padding to ease impact when catching.

“The fast pitch line was created due to high demand from customers and future customers,” said Pete Vinci, “Women’s fast pitch is now the fastest growing segment of amateur baseball.”

The new softball glove models are:





Individually handcrafted by master craftsman with years of experience and training, these gloves feature the signature Vinci exclusive deep pocket design which allows for better ball control and less spin. The fast pitch gloves include heavy-duty thumb and pinky loops that help retain the glove shape.

“The same leather we use for the pros, we use for these gloves,” said Vinci. “These are pro level gloves. But the mesh back is a little lighter and they break in easier for the players.”

The popularity of women’s fast pitch softball has grown steadily in recent years. Women’s Fast pitch softball exists in organized leagues and in traveling tournament teams. The competition can go as high as college or even Olympic levels. Increased media coverage has contributed to this growth.

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NEW Vinci Tri-Fold Brochure

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Vinci’s NEW Tri-Fold Brochures Have Arrived!

The tri-fold features the NEW much anticipated Vinci Girls/Womens Fast Pitch Series and the new addition to the Youth Glove Series, the  BRV1951 youth glove.

This 8.5″ x 4″ brochure expands to 8.5″ x 11″ and includes the Vinci Limited Series, Mesh Series, CP Junior/Youth Glove Series and the NEW Girls/Womens Fast Pitch Series.

There is also a segment for the Batting Gloves and Multi-Lens Sport Sun Glasses. The tri-fold is smaller and lighter in weight. Send an email to and we’ll be happy to mail the brochure to you.

Click to Download the NEW Vinci Tri-Fold Here!

New Limited Series: Vinci BMB-L Fielder Glove

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

BMB-L_Red-Right_ViewBIGThe Vinci BMB-L is one of our latest additions to the Limited Series. This 13 inch glove  is constructed with our 5 oz. Kip leather, has a  dual post web, and a  flex-closed back. Designed for outfield baseball positions and any softball position. The BMB-L is available in either Right or Left Handed Thrower in 4 bold colors, Red, Black, Blue or Bordeaux. The interior leather-lined finger stalls are made with high-quality Deer Tanned Cowhide which is specially treated for a more comfortable feel.The BMB-L also features our signature Vinci exclusive deep pocket design to allow for better control and less spin. Like all Vinci Gloves, they are individually handcrafted by Master Craftsman with years of experience and training to produce the finest handcrafted gloves on the market.

Check out the NEW Vinci BMB-L in your choice of Red, Black, Blue or Bordeaux at where you can leave comments, ratings and reviews on this glove and other models.

Vinci NEW Limited Series TJ1952-L Softball Glove

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

TJ1952-L_Bordeaux-Back_View-Web-BIGThe TJ1952-L is dedicated to the memory of Timothy Jones, a hard working truck driver, husband, father and hero! Tim battled cancer for 21 months after being diagnosed with two good months. During Tim’s battle, Mark Jones, his son, started purchasing Vinci products. Pete Vinci, president of Vinci became Mark’s mentor as Pete had helped his father, Benjamin Vinci (whose signature is in every Vinci glove) battle with ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease. Because of this Mark had become more involved in the Vinci company. While Tim was still with us, Pete had started working on a softball specific glove and needed some input. He asked the opinion of Tim. Pete’s blueprint with Tim’s input became the TJ1952-L, a 13.5 inch H-web built like a Mack truck!

Unfortunately, Tim never saw the official release of the TJ1952-L as we lost Tim to his battle with cancer on March 22,2010. However, his name will be remembered by many as the TJ1952-L model is named after him.

Mark Jones


The TJ1952-L is the glove softball players have been waiting for! Beautifully designed and handcrafted with 13.5 inches of high quality 5oz Kip leather.Kip Leather is known for its durability, softness and weight. Our Kip Leather is roughly 20% lighter then our US steer hide model gloves, breaks in much faster and yet retains its shape longer. The TJ1952-L features a dual post web and flex-closed back. Available in either right-handed or left-handed thrower in 4 stunning colors, Black, Bordeaux, Blue and Red. As part of our Limited Series the TJ1952-L is a limited addition that has been added to the line for a short amount of time. We utilized sheepskin finger linings which are found on the top of the line gloves, put a solid palm pad in thee for beefed up protection where you need it most. The leather is pre-treated to allow for quicker break in time, and with all of that still have a glove that is one of the lightest on the market today.

Check out the TJ1952-L at

Vinci Glove Model RV1961-L Now Available in 2 NEW Colors

Thursday, April 15th, 2010


Vinci glove model RV19 61-L is 12.75 inches available now in piercing blue and striking red leather. Vinci Limited Series is just that – a limited addition that has been added to the line for a short amount of time. We searched all over to find a high end leather that met our standards, but was closer to the feel of our original gloves. Well we found it and made the Limited line with it. These gloves have a very similar feel to our original model gloves, with higher quality materials. The RV1961-L has dual web and open back, this baseball glove is perfect for outfield positions and any softball position. This mitt embodies all the extensive quality that Vinci gloves are known for,our exclusive thumb and pinkie loops and our sturdy stays in the fingers, the thumb and pinkie that reinforce the rigidity of the glove, allowing years of use without getting floppy.

Check out the NEW RV1961:

View a 360 Degree Angle of the RV1961-L