Crazy Baseball Superstitions

January 10th, 2014

Carlos Glamor ShotAs superstitious athletes go, baseball players rank about the top of the list. Whether to improve personal performance or to maintain a winning streak, some baseball players and teams will perform odd rituals and crazy activities to ensure a good game.

Here are a few of the stranger baseball superstitions:

Many fans and players believe that wearing a rally cap will help their team win. A rally cap is just a baseball cap that is worn sideways, backwards, even inside out. It is commonly worn late in a game when the home team needs to score runs, when it is down or in a tie ball game.

What a player eats before a game is another superstition. Wade Boggs used to eat chicken before every game. This earned him the nickname, “Chicken Man”. He would also walk out on the field at the exact same time before each ball game. Could Boggs’ superstitions have helped him achieve one of the greatest pro baseball careers of all time?

Another eater was Red Sox Pitcher Tim Wakefield, who would eat a pound of spaghetti before any game he was starting.

Second baseman Amby McConnell had an odd superstition that involved a continually search for pins. Whenever he was in a batting slump, he would look for and pick up any pin he found, believing it was a sign that his slump would end.

Another more common superstition is for a player to not walk on the base line. Watch carefully during a game and you will often see a pitcher as he’s walking to the mound step over or jump over the line.

Other odd behaviors that baseball players may perform includes play with their batting gloves when they’re in the batter’s box, spitting, or holding the baseball bat a certain way while standing at the plate.

Some players will not their wash helmets, hats or uniforms during a winning streak, nor will they talk about a “no-hitter” or a “perfect game” that may in progress.

Managers also have interesting superstitions. Detroit Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland wanted to make sure that his team kept on winning by wearing the same ‘lucky’ boxers. When the team began a winning streak in 2011, Leyland continued to wear the same boxers until the Tigers’ winning streak ended.

What do you think about superstition in sports? Do you have any rituals that you perform that you believe help you play better?

What changes will happen during the 2013 Major League Baseball off season?

November 22nd, 2013

In 2012 the Boston Red Sox had the worst record in the American League Eastern Division! In 2013 beginning in spring training, the term “Fear the Beard” was introduced for the Red Sox as a sign of unity and togetherness. The term spread far beyond the ballpark, and became a symbol for all those who are part of the Red Sox Nation. As a result of this unity, the Boston Red Sox won the American League East in 2013. Their team spirit and sense of unity carried them all the way to the World Series and ultimately had them claim the top prize as World Series Champions.

After the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, one of the biggest question people are asking, is what moves will my team make during the off season? Big Papi for sure will remain with the Red Sox, but there are still lingering questions for other players. Considering the World Series victory for the Boston Red Sox, our questions are what other changes will come for other players in Major League Baseball?

Robinson Cano, currently a New York Yankee is a “free agent” second baseman. Who will he sign with during this off season? Rumors are Cano and his agent Jay-Z are looking for a contract in the area of 300 Million dollars over ten years. Cano has played for the New York Yankees the last nine seasons. Cano plays stellar defense at second base, while batting .309 with 204 home runs. These are all great numbers for a position that’s mostly known for defense. So, what will he do?

The latest rumor has the New York Mets courting Robbie for a ten year contract. Some in the game claim Cano has one of the best swings in baseball. Will he command $300 million from any team, or will he be back with the New York Yankees? Can the Yankees afford to lose Cano’s defense and offensive numbers?

Only time will tell!

5 New Winners: Vinci Youth Glove Prizes

November 4th, 2013

Congrats to the winners of the latest Vinci sweepstakes, the 2013 Vinci Baseball Youth Glove Sweepstakes.

The first winner selected was Laura L., who will receive a Vinci Youth Glove Model BRV1950.  This 12 inch baseball glove features an H-Web design and an open back and sells for $60 at

The second winner,  Melissa T., won a Vinci Youth Glove Model BRV1951; an 11.5 inch open back glove featuring a Tombo web style in black.  It is great for Infield or Outfield and is recommended for kids ages 8-9 years.  This glove retails for $60 at

Winner number three, Michelle G., now has herself a Vinci Youth Glove Model BRV1953.  This youth glove is an 11” open back glove with a closed basket web.  It is a black infield/outfield glove recommended for players ages 6-8 years. The BRV1953 is available at for $50.95.

Julie H. won a Vinci Youth Glove Model BRV1957.  This 10.5” glove is made for the infield position, it comes in black and features an I-web design and an open back, retailing for $50.95 at

The final winner in this sweepstakes is April M., who takes a Vinci Youth Glove Model BRV1961 as a prize.  The soft pre-treated leather back and the sting protection provided by palm pads and pro-grade leather palms make this 10 inch baseball glove a great choice for players ages 3-5 years.  This Vinci youth baseball glove for the infield position comes in black with a single post web design and open back.  The BRV1961 retails for $50.95 on

We would like to thank everyone who entered the sweepstakes and an extra “thanks” to those who shared the sweepstakes and our Vinci Youth Baseball page on Facebook!  The BEST advertising Vinci has is word of mouth spread by our fans!

How to leave a post on the Vinci Blog:

October 28th, 2013

How to leave a post on the Vinci Blog:

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Five Vinci Youth Baseball Glove Prizes

October 1st, 2013

The 2013 Vinci Baseball Youth Glove Sweepstakes

Youth baseball players work hard to improve their baseball skills.  With baseball practice multiple days per week plus baseball games on top of their school, homework, chores and other activities, students who love the game sacrifice regularly to even participate in the great game of baseball.

These young players deserve to play with a quality baseball glove; a glove that is made to last, a glove that is comfortable and protective.

Right now Vinci Pro Baseball has six baseball gloves that were designed for young baseball players that resemble the gloves that Vinci manufactures for professional baseball players.

Do you want your child to play with a baseball glove made from high grade professional leather? Does your child need a lightweight baseball glove? Do you want your child to play baseball or softball with a glove made with protective shock pads that protect the palm?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you want a Vinci Baseball Youth Glove!  Vinci has youth gloves for multiple positions and starting October 1 on the Vinci Baseball Facebook Page, you can enter to win one of five youth baseball gloves!  Not only that, but EVERYONE who enters will get a special “thank you” gift of $5 off the purchase of a Vinci Youth Glove.  There will be FIVE prizes awarded at the conclusion of the sweepstakes period on October 31, 2013.

To enter for your chance to win, simply visit Vinci Baseball on Facebook, “like” our page to view the sweepstakes entry form, then complete the brief entry form.  Be sure to “share” the sweepstakes with your youth teams on Facebook and when you do, you will earn a bonus entry for every “Facebook Friend” you have who enters after you do!  Check out the “Official Rules” here.

What are the prizes? Check them out!


This Vinci Custom Pro Youth Baseball Glove boasts pro-grade leather palms, a softer pre-treated glove back, and the H web style. Easily one of the best youth gloves on the market, the Vinci CP Youth model BRV1950 comes in a 12” size .This glove is available in black and sports an open back design and is available for $60 at


This is an 11.5 inch open back glove designed with a Tombo web style that comes in black.  It is great for Infield or Outfield and is recommended for kids ages 8-9 years.  This glove retails for $60 at


This youth glove is an 11” open back glove with a closed basket web.  It is a black infield/outfield glove that is recommended for players ages 6-8 years. The BRV1953 is available at for $50.95.


The Vinci Pro Youth Baseball Glove model BRV1957 is a 10.5” glove made for the infield position. This glove comes in black and features an I-web design and an open back, retailing for $50.95 at


With this 10″ Vinci youth glove, young baseball players get out of the package performance with ease of squeeze due to the soft pre-treated leather back and the sting protection provided by palm pads and pro-grade leather palms.  This Vinci youth baseball glove for the infield position comes in black with a single post web design and
open back.  This glove is usually a good choice for players ages 3 to 5 years. The BRV1961 retails for $50.95 on

Vinci Package Deal

September 27th, 2013

Check out this promotion offered on for a limited time. Get one pair of multi lens sunglasses, one pair of bones batting gloves, and our new Vinci “Make The Play” T Shirt. All for $75 with FREE shipping. Up to a $105.80 value.This offer is for a limited time.

Vinci Package Deal

Vinci multi lens sport sunglasses are not just good for baseball and softball, they’re also good for running, bicycling, golf,tennis, fishing, skiing. Almost any sport!


Our new Vinci T shirt is sure to be a hit. Our gold Vinci logo on the front, with a sketch outline of a Vinci glove on the back along with our slogan “Make The Play”


Our Bones batting gloves are sure to satisfy any player from the novice to the professional. Andy Barkett, manager within the Miami Marlins organization was the first to make them popular in the video he made “Hitting With A Pro”

Vinci Sports Sunglasses Winner!

September 6th, 2013

While Vinci Pro Baseball is known for its high-quality baseball and softball gloves, Vinci also manufactures several other products that are helpful to players including glove conditioner, softball pants, and Vinci sports sunglasses.  Vinci sports sunglasses are not only great protection for baseball players, they are great for those who play other sports as well including golfers, skiers, runners, hunters and more.  These Vinci sports sunglasses are made with a wrap around design which gives athletes a larger range of view and protects the eyes from debris.  The protection doesn’t stop there.  Made with polycarbonate lenses, these sunglasses are impact resistant and also provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Each pair of Vinci sports sunglasses comes with three sets of lenses and the frames are available in red, grey, white and black.  Perhaps the coolest aspect of these sunglasses is the “pop out” feature. When facing impact, the lenses tend to “pop out” which can protect the face from injury it may otherwise sustain when wearing other sunglasses.

Recently, Vinci Pro Baseball, gave fans a chance to win a pair of these unique, high-quality sports sunglasses.  Entrant were able to select the frame color of the pair that they wanted to win, then enter to win it.  The entire sweepstakes was run via an application on the Vinci Baseball Facebook page.  We are happy to announce that Mark T. is the winner of the Vinci Baseball Sunglasses Sweepstakes 2013.  Mark will be hearing from Vinci soon!

Didn’t win this time? Vinci is hard at work putting together the next opportunity for you to win.  Be sure to “like” us on Facebook and check in often.  Tell us what products you love on our page and we’ll use your feedback to pick out something great for the next giveaway!