New Vinci Limited Glove Model JV21-L

The JV21-L is a brand new addition to the Vinci Limited glove series.This 11.5 inch glove is made of high quality leather and is  available in 3 colors, Solid Black, Bordeaux with black web and Red with black web. Featuring a Vinci-Open back and I-web, it’s perfect the infielder who wants to make the play! The JV21-L is part of our Limited Series, which features a reserved number of  gloves that have been constructed with  superior leather without compromising   the feel of our original glove. The Vinci Limited Series is just that a limited addition that has been added to the line for a short amount of time.


We pre-treated the leather to allow for quicker break in time, and with all of that still have a glove that is one of the lightest on the market today. Some of what we are known for are still present with this glove, our exclusive thumb and pinky loops, our sturdy stays in fingers in the thumb and pinky reinforce the rigidity of the glove, allowing years of use without getting floppy.

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