New Vinci Glove Break In Kit

If you are looking to break in a new glove or just to maintain your glove, Vinci is  proud to announce our new glove break in kit. This kit includes a wooden mallet, two rubber bands, a hard plastic ball, and glove conditioner.

Vinci Glove Break-in Kit

Vinci Glove Break-in Kit

The wooden mallet is great for pounding the pocket of the glove for quicker break in to help form a nice pocket. The taper end of the mallet is tapered, which really helps opening finger stalls. The bands are great to breaking in a glove and also can be used all the time with your pocket ball. Cross the bands in an X pattern with the ball in pocket and keep it that way in your equipment bag or wherever you store your glove in between games. This ball with bands technique will help maintain the pocket shape to insure you can keep ‘making the play’.

The kit also comes with our special Vinci glove conditioner. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, breaking in and maintaining your glove is very important. We hope you will enjoy this new addition to our product line.

Maintain your glove and it will help you to make the play for many games. Let’s Play ball!

Check out the new Vinci Glove Break-in Kit.