Introducing The New Vinci PJV1972 Fielder Glove

PJV1972 CP2 Fielders Glove 13.25

PJV1972 CP2 Fielder's Glove 13.25"

Vinci is proud to introduce a brand new addition to our CP2 line, the PJV1972 model. This glove is good for both baseball and softball players. The 5.0 oz professional quality leather is slightly treated to speed up the break in process. Some of you familiar with the Vinci line will find this glove very much resembles a popular model we made in the past, the PJV55. As we are always striving to improve our gloves. We added extra stays in the thumb and pinkie to make the glove hold its form longer. We also beefed up the laces and improved upon the fur lining in the wrist strap, making it even more comfortable on your hand. It has an extra thick palm pad to cushion the impact of the ball. You’re bound to like the trapeze web on a glove in 13.25 inches. The nice deep pocket makes this glove great for playing any softball position. This glove is quickly becoming a popular seller.

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