How to leave a post on the Vinci Blog:

How to leave a post on the Vinci Blog:

Do you have something burning to say about our products or do you want to comment on one of our popular post?  One of the newest features of our site is the ability to allow you to leave a comment for the Vinci Team.  Follow these few simple steps then you’ll be on your way to posting on the Vinci Blog:  We have provided you with visuals and it really is quick and easy!  Once you take these few steps below, next time, you will be able to log in instantly and post your comments.

1. Visit us at and click on the Vinci Blog

2.  At the bottom of the Blog Screen you will need to be Logged In:

If you are not a returning user, you will need to register through WordPress (It’s quick and simple!)

3.  Returning users simply enter their username and password; New users will need to register:

4.  Enter a username of your choice and a valid email address: Click Register!

Once you enter a user name and valid email address, you will be emailed a new password to allow you to log on to WordPress.  Your almost there! Pull up your email account, and obtain your new password.  Then go back to WordPress and click the Log in at the bottom:

5. Once you sign in, your profile screen will come up.  This screen will only appear when you use the generic password that was sent to you.  These items are optional and are not required

SCROLL DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

6.  We encourage everyone to change your temporary password to a password you will remember

Your final step is to “Update your Profile”:     After updating your profile, you can exit from WordPress.

7.  Return back to and click on the Blog Tab again.  Here you will select the heading of the topic you want to post a comment about.  At the bottom of the screen you will need to “log in” using the login and password you just registered with WordPress.  Once you are logged in, you will see the following:  Here is where you leave your post for the Blog


8.  Vinci Pro Sports will review all post and comments before they are allowed to be posted to the main screen.  Here are some do’s and don’ts of your post:


  1. Do’s
    1. i.      What you like about the post.
    2. ii.      Comments or positive things about our post.
    3. iii.      What you find interesting about our post.
    4. iv.      Continuing the conversation of the post.
    5. v.      Ask Questions about the post.
  2. Don’ts
    1. i.      Disrespect anyone’s post we all have something to say.
    2. ii.      This is not a forum for posting negativity.
    3. iii.      No foul language.
    4. iv.      You can disagree with something without being rude.
    5. v.      If you need to contact an employee of Vinci, use our “Contact Us”.