Enter for a Chance to WIN a $50 Gift Certificate to VinciPro.com!

As a thank you to all Vinci’s loyal customers and to introduce the Vinci pages on Facebook, Vinci is running a new giveaway with a prize that anyone who likes Vinci will like.  Starting August 3, 2012, you can enter for a chance to win a $50 gift cerificate to spend at VinciPro.com in the Vinci Baseball Gift Certificate Giveaway!
Entering is easy, just visit Vinci Baseball on Facebook, complete the short entry form which requests only your name and an e-mail address and click “I Want to Win!”
You can enter this giveaway once but fans of Vinci Fastpitch and Vinci Youth Baseball automatically get an extra entry and for each friend you have on Facebook who enters after you do, you get an extra entry.  Those can really add up so be sure to share after you enter!
The giveaway ends on August 17, 2012 and all the details can be found in the Vinci Baseball Gift Certificate Giveaway Official Rules.
Thank you to all fans of Vinci on Facebook and otherwise.  Good luck!