Dreaming of Baseball

How many of you grew up dreaming about this wonderful game?

Hitting a home run in the bottom of the 9th inning to win a world series game. Making a great play in the field or throwing out a runner at home plate. Playing sandlot baseball and imagining throwing a no hitter or better yet, a perfect game.

Everyone that has ever picked up a baseball has tried to throw a knuckle ball. The little intricacies of the game are fascinating. How many times in every day life have you used a “sign” that comes from baseball? It’s so much fun this game of ours. It’s America’s game that is becoming popular all over the world. People like Babe Ruth have helped this sport gain popularity in places like Japan. It’s a game that no one ever really wants to stop playing. How many times have our parents called us in as it was getting dark, or we just threw or hit until our arms were gonna fall off or had blisters that rip?

It’s a game that can be played in day or night,outside or in a dome. Baseball can be enjoyed live, on television, on radio, now even on the Internet or cell phones!

Now is the time of year things really gear up. The weather is warm in most parts of the country, but not yet too hot. Weekend baseball and softball tournaments are in full swing.

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