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Carlos Torres Gets His Third Win Of The 2012 Season

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Carlos Torres is the ultimate representation of a Vinci Guy. Hard working, loyal, seeks perfection, AND a team player. Just the type of person you want on your team.

Carlos has been wearing Vinci equipment since 2008. He was and is a friend of Derek Rodriguez. Derek was pitching for the Triple A Chicago White Sox affiliate, the Charlotte Knights at the time. We had plans to meet Derek after the game, but just so happened that the game was rained out. It allowed us some more time with him, and his friend Carlos Torres, who we had never met, or even heard of before. I was in another meeting, where I got off the train, went home to change, and met with Derek and Carlos. It didn’t take long for all of us to hit it off. Only after a few minutes I think we felt comfortable. In discussion, my dad, Pete #22 offered to give Carlos a glove. Carlos agreed, but only if he liked it, then he would wear it. In contact with Carlos, we went back and forth to develop the CT-82M baseball glove model, in which we have named after him.

Fast forward  four years later, and Mr. Torres is still with us. During that time period he got called up to the Chicago White Sox for two seasons. Last year he pitched for the Yomiuri Giants in the Japanese Baseball league. This season Carlos is back in the United States, pitching in relief for the Colorado Rockies. On Saturday, August 25, 2012 he pitched 2 and 1/3 innings of shutout relief to get his third win of the season.

See the video here

Not only has Carlos Torres been a strong supporter of our products, he has become a friend, really just like family.

Enter our Vinci Pearl Harbor 70th Anniversary Baseball Glove Free Raffle

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Vinci will be giving away two exclusive Pearl Harbor 70th Anniversary baseball gloves. The event will last until 11:59 pm Saturday December 3rd 2011. The free raffle is designed to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor




The Pearl Harbor JSJS and AB74 models are red,white and blue with the Pearl Harbor date and American flag embroidered on them. Each Pearl Harbor Commemorative glove, like all Vinci gloves, has Benjamin Vinci’s signature engraved on the inside of the pinkie. Vinci will raffle one of each and send one of each to the Pearl Harbor Museum in Hawaii.  To enter the raffle, entrants must send their name, address, and phone number to with subject:Pearl Harbor Glove entry. Entries must be received by 11:59pm December 3, 2011. The winners will be announced December 7, to commemorate that day.


PHCG Model AB74










Click Here to View the Press Release “Vinci to Raffle 70th Anniversary Baseball Glove”

About the Pearl Harbor Memorial

Oahu, Hawaii is home to one of the most visited historical sites in the world, the Pearl Harbor Hawaii Memorial. For more information, visit


About Vinci

Vinci is a family-owned sports equipment company dedicated to quality. For additional information, visit More information about Benjamin Vinci can be found at





Vinci NEW Glove Model : CBW413 Women s Firstbase Mitt

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

The CBW413


  • Closed Net-T Web
  • Closed Back
  • 13 inch
  • For Baseball or Softball







This glove model CBW413 is named in the memory of Wayne and Donna’s daughter Carrie who was born on April 13, 1982. Carrie played Fast Pitch softball for several years and lived life to the fullest. The web style on this first base mitt is as unique as Carrie was.

Vinci NEW Mesh Glove Model AB-M

Monday, October 25th, 2010

The Vinci Mesh Series baseball gloves utilize double reinforced mesh backing which makes it lighter in weight and will also minimize hand perspiration to keep the players hand cool and comfortable. Glove model  AB-M is 12.5 inches and is available in Bordeaux/Black.


Features Include:

•Rolled leather welting: allows this glove to retain it’s shape for years to come

•Vinci’s exclusive Comfort-Feel genuine Kip leather

•Much shorter break in time

•Net-T Web

•Open Back

•Sheep skin finger stall lining

•Pro Guard palm pad

Check out the AB-M and other Mesh Series gloves or visit our website at

The best feel and comfort in the industry Same gloves that the Pro’s use Put on a Vinci glove and “Make The Play!”

As American as Baseball and Apple Pie!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

The month of July will forever be linked with the game of baseball.  The classic saying, “as American as baseball and apple pie” comes to mind as families across the United States flock to stadiums to watch firework spectaculars on our nation’s birthday.  July offers baseball fans All Star games, the MLB Futures Game, short season league baseball and many other reasons to spend a warm summer night cheering on our favorite teams and players.

Looking back through our own history, we are amazed at how many important Vinci milestones occurred in the month of July and we wanted to take some time to reflect and share some of the highlights with you.

July 26th, 1942: Benjamin Vinci is awarded the Purple Heart.

Benjamin Vinci receives the Purple Heart.

Benjamin Vinci receives the Purple Heart.

Anyone familiar with our story knows that every Vinci glove features the signature of Benjamin Vinci, a true American hero. Benjamin was gravely wounded on the morning of December 7, 1941 in the infamous attacks on Pearl Harbor. After nearly 6 months of treatment (and with a 50 caliber bullet permanently lodged near his heart) Benjamin did what any patriot would do, he returned to active duty. On July 26th, he was awarded the Purple Heart for his valor on the battlefield.  Almost sixty years later on July 27, 2001, US Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton (from Benjamin’s Home State of New York) led the US Senate in honoring his bravery. It was with a promise to Benjamin Vinci that “One day he would see his name in the big leagues” that Vinci (the glove) was born.

July 13th, 2008: Wilkin Ramirez Plays in the MLB Futures Game

Ramirez hits a homer on his first MLB at bat!

Ramirez hits a homer on his first MLB at bat!

On July 11th of this year, those who tuned in to watch the US take on the World at the MLB Futures Game were treated to a closing camera shot of a pair of Vinci Sport Sunglasses in the dugout of the World Team. Those glasses belonged to outfielder Wilkin Ramirez, and 2010 marked his second trip to the future. In 2008, Wilkin was a member of the World Team that won in a 3 -0 shut out over the US. We were very proud that Wilkin chose to wear a PJV16 Fielder’s glove and he logged a base hit with his #5 Vinci Batting Gloves and Vinci Baseball Bat (you can purchase the signed bat here). It was a great moment for Vinci to celebrate the future of a valued friend as well as our own future in the big leagues. Wilkin would go on to play for the Detroit Tigers where (while wearing his #5 Vinci Batting Gloves) he would become the first Tiger since Reggie Sanders in 1974 to hit a homerun on his first at bat.

July, 19th 2008: Vladimir Nunez, the first player to wear Vinci in the Majors

Vladimir Nunez, the first player to wear Vinci in the majors.

Vladimir Nunez, the first player to wear Vinci in the majors.

Just 6 days after Ramirez hinted at Vinci’s big league future, the future arrived. On July 19th, Vladimir Nunez, a right-handed relief pitcher was called up to the Atlanta Braves. Based in Richmond, Virginia, Vinci had developed a friendship with Nunez earlier that year. In April he began wearing Vinci gloves for the minor league AAA Braves affiliate team, the Richmond Braves. When Nunez was called up that July, he took his Vinci MV3 glove with him. It was a magical evening for us at Vinci as we watched Vladimir kiss his glove for luck when he stepped to the mound.

July 22nd, 2009: Carlos Torres makes his Major League Debut

Carlos Torres make his MLB debut.

Carlos Torres make his MLB debut.

Vinci had officially broken the major league barrier in July 2008. There were several other Vinci sightings in the year that followed, but no list of Vinci milestones would be complete without mentioning one of our favorite players, the 2-time Minor League All Star and only the 9th player ever to be named Minor League Pitcher of the week 3 times in a single season. Carlos Torres, the 26-year-old right-handed relief pitcher brought his Vinci MV30 along when he was called up to the Chicago White Sox. He made his debut July 22nd against the Tampa Bay Rays where he pitched six strong innings to record a quality start.

July 14, 2010: Carlos Torres named starting Pitcher for MiLB All Stars

One year later, Torres continues to have one of the most decorated careers in AAA Charlotte Knights history and on July 14th, he was again named the starting pitcher for the International League All-Stars. He pitched 2 innings of the nationally televised game while wearing his Vinci MV30.

July, 2010: Elmer Dessens lights up the NY Mets Bullpen

Dessens and his glove earn compliments from Keith Hernandez.

Dessens and his glove earn compliments from Keith Hernandez.

And finally, we thought we’d tell one of our favorite current stories. Elmer Dessens has been called a lot of things in his 17-year professional baseball career. But recently he’s been bucking the odds by being called the “savior” of the New York Mets bullpen crisis. At 40 years old, this veteran of 9 major league franchises landed in New York (the place where it all started for Vinci).  And he has been racking up the wins ever since.

En route to a recent win (alright this one officially happened on the last day of June, but we’ve been talking about it a lot this July) Elmer Dessens’ Vinci MV30 glove caught the attention of New York baseball legend (and Mets analyst) Keith Hernandez. You might remember Hernandez from his World Series winning career with the Mets and the Cardinals, from his 3 best-selling books, or from his many guest appearances on Seinfeld.  But for those of us at Vinci, Hernandez will now be remembered as the New York legend that chose a nationally televised game to plug our glove. During the fifth inning, Hernandez saw Elmer’s glove and asked the viewing audience, “What’s that label on his Glove? Vinci? Like Leonardo Da Vinci? I’ve heard of that glove company.”

To hear a New York baseball legend talk about a glove that bears the signature of a New York war hero just 2 short years after Vinci gloves broke into the Big Leagues was surreal to say the least. And it’s just another reason that, here at Vinci, July will always be among our favorite times of year.

Do you have any favorite July baseball stories? If so, drop us a line, we’d love to hear them!IMG00431-20100603-1255

New Vinci 2009 Catalog

Friday, April 10th, 2009

We at Vinci are very proud to announce our brand new catalog for 2009. It sports our winning design and highlights some of the differences and features that make our gloves both play well and more durable than other brands. In our catalog we show some of mainstay models as well as some of our new models including the introduction of our highly anticipated CP Junior Series youth model baseball gloves. You’ll also find some of our new popular color models, Red, Burgundy Kip leather. These models such as the Kip leather RV56 are getting rave reviews.

We’re also very proud to highlight the driving force behind our company our hero, Benjamin Vinci. On the back cover we feature both his photograph and his signature which is in every baseball and softball glove we make.

Download the 2009 Vinci Brochure – Letter Format.

Download the 2009 Vinci Brochure – Brochure Format.

Call 1-888-529-6864 or email if you would like one mailed to you.

VINCI Goes to Spring Training Road Trip

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Yes, baseball is in the air … here in Florida.

VINCI baseball gloves all around the ballparks.

Orlando, FL Thursday, March 18th Braves

Braves Spring Training facility in Orlando at Disney Wide World of Sports
Jose Camarena with his VINCI catchers mitt model #FC11 and Phil Britton wearing #5 batting gloves . Said hello to former major leaguers and VINCI gear promoters Carlos Mendez (Catcher) and Leon Roberts (Outfielder) both are coaching staff members for Braves.


"VINCI batting gloves are the best he has ever worn and that you can't wear 'em out"

Lakeland, FL Friday, March 19th Detroit Tigers

Watched Wilkin Ramirez on the Detroit home field playing left field with his Model #  PJV16 VINCI glove Got hits and made great catches.

Wilkin Ramirez

Wilkin Ramirez

Training for games to begin where Joe DiPastino wears #5 batting gloves and Andy Barkett wears Bones batting gloves — both Managers for Detroit Tigers getting those minor leaguers ready for the MAJOR League.

Joe DiPastino and Andy Barkett

Joe DiPastino and Andy Barkett

Saturday, March 21 Tampa, FL
Traveled to Tampa to see Wilkin Ramirez on Legends Field playing against New York Yankees.

Sunday, March 22, Orlando, FL

Monday, March 23, Orlando, FL
Met with Vladimir Nunez – VINCI first MAJOR leaguer wearing his model #MV3 & MV30 gloves. Also got to see Yeliar Castro wearing his Panama World Baseball Classic hat. He proudly wore his VINCI model #JC03 glove playing in the WBC Panama team.

Vladimir Nunez and Pete #22

Vladimir Nunez and Pete #22

Tuesday, March 24

Will be watching Vladimir Nunez playing on the field in Orlando … Braves vs Pittsburgh so stay tuned for more updates.

Luis Marte and Pete #22

Luis Marte and Pete #22