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YOU Could Represent Vinci Pro in the Player Representative Program!

Friday, January 18th, 2013

As part of our National Advertising Campaign, Vinci Sports LLC is currently seeking new Player Representatives to join our team of associates. Player Representatives are authorized dealers of Vinci product that consist of baseball and softball players, coaches, and directors of athletic programs.

As a player or coach, you have substantial access to people who use sports equipment. This could be a potential advantage for you should you want to ever make money selling sporting goods, such as Vinci Pro’s high quality baseball and softball gloves and gear. Right now Vinci is currently seeking new Player Representatives. As a Player Representative, you have the ability to purchase Vinci products at wholesale prices which allows you to sell them to your network of friends, family and sports acquaintances for a significant profit.

There’s no need for you to own a Website because your customers can view product information, photos and details right on the Website and place their orders with you! Vinci also provides its Player Representatives with tri-fold folders and catalogs and will even provide 500 business cards to the Player Representative once his/her sales total $1000.

There are no fees associated with being a Vinci Player Representative and after the initial order, a Player Representative only needs to place orders for the product sold. Vinci will even ship products directly to your customers (shipping charge applies).

The Vinci Pro Player Representative Program has low start-up costs and includes a tiered incentive program which helps representatives earn free products.

You can represent Vinci with your team or program, at tournaments, at coach clinics and more, all while earning money!

If you’d like more information on the Player Representative Program, or to sign up, contact Nick Battle at Be a part of the Vinci Pro team and MAKE THE PLAY, or in this case, MAKE THE PAY!

New Vinci Glove Series: Optimus

Friday, January 11th, 2013

The BEST Vinci Pro Gloves Yet!

The Vinci Research and Development department has been working for the past two years to bring you the newest Vinci Pro glove series, the Optimus series. The Optimus series already made its way into the Major Leagues as gloves in this series were tested throughout the 2012 season at the Major League level.

Starting Monday, four new gloves from this series will be made available to the public for the first time. The Optimus JV, Optimus BM, Optimus BV and Optimus JC gloves will be the first in this series available for purchase with more to follow.

Every glove in this new series features a new top of the line leather, never before used in a Vinci glove. The new leather is exclusively available in Walnut color. This leather has proven to be very durable and provides a unique feel that we think Vinci Pro fans will appreciate. Gloves in the Optimus series are also made with rolled welting which makes for a better looking glove. By far, this is the best Vinci Pro Baseball glove series to date, which is why it was named “Optimus,” which is the Latin word meaning “BEST.”

The Optimus JV comes in Walnut with a black mesh back and black lace. This 11.5 inch glove is great for any infielder looking to up their game in style and the sophisticated look is just the beginning! With an I-Web style of web and an open back this could just be your next Vinci glove! The pocket design is just right for quick catch and release of the ball during play.

Outfielder’s will enjoy playing ball with the new Vinci Optimus BM Baseball Glove. Vinci’s signature deep pocket design makes catching fly balls a cinch and the longer length of this glove helps extend player reach and range. This 13 inch Vinci features a closed back design and dual H-Post web style and it comes in walnut with a black mesh back.

Vinci’s new 11.5 inch Optimus BV will make any pitcher the center of attention with its walnut leather, open back, black lace, and solid web design.

Made for both Infield and Pitcher positions, the Vinci Optimus JC is an all-leather glove with open back and Net-T web in an 11.5 inch size.

These four gloves being made available on Monday will be carried stock in the sizes noted above, but can be customized in sizes up to 13.5 inches. Vinci will also allow color customization on gloves in this series with multiple color options for the lace and mesh. Mesh colors available include navy blue, gray and black. The name personalization feature is also available for an additional charge. Call Vinci Pro at 1.888.529.6864 for details on glove customization.

Initially, gloves in the new Vinci Pro Optimus Series will be available at lower, special introductory pricing. Not only that, but each glove also comes with a FREE Vinci glove bag and Vinci glove conditioner.

Vinci Santa Brings Baseball & Softball Gifts – Winning Videos

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

The winners of the Vinci Santa Wish List Video Contest have been selected!

From November 21 through December 23 Vinci fans were able to create a video depicting which Vinci Pro product that they wished to receive from Vinci Santa. After reviewing all entries, a panel of judges was to select a winner for each of the five contest categories: Adult Limited / Mesh, Batting Gloves, Sports Sunglasses, Mini-Glove / Business Card Holder, and Youth Glove. The contest received several entries but zero entries in the Mini-Glove / Business Card Holder and Batting Gloves categories. So, Vinci judges were only able to select a winner in the other three categories.

Check out the winning videos:

Adult Limited / Mesh:

Vinci Sports Sunglasses:

Vinci Youth Glove:

Congratulations to the winners who will each receive the Vinci Pro Baseball or Softball Gift they selected.

All those who submitted a video will receive an email from Vinci soon with good news! So if you entered, be sure to check your inbox for correspondence from Vinci regarding this contest. We would like to thank everyone who submitted a video as well as all those who took the time to watch them!

Want a Check from Vinci Pro? Sign Up for the Affiliate Program Today!

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Almost every team has a Website and if you own/manage your team’s Website, here is an opportunity for you and your team!

Vinci Pro Baseball has what’s called an “Affiliate Program” which allows for teams and companies that have a Website to add advertisements to their Website which link to  Every time an order is placed that originates from a click on that advertisement, the team/company that owns the Website, gets paid a 10% commission!

This can be a good fundraising alternative.  No more selling chocolates or washing cars.  What makes this opportunity even better is that there is no work involved.  Once the advertisement is added to the Site, Vinci does all the tracking for you.  (You can even purchase your team orders through this ad to get 10% commission on your own purchases from the Vinci Pro Website).  Your orders are tracked and you can log in 24 hours per day to see sales, traffic and click performance on these ads.

To sweeten the deal, Vinci starts out every Affiliate with a $10 credit, just for signing up.  Imagine how 10% on every order placed using the links on your Website can add up!  Once you have $100 in commissions, Vinci Pro will cut you a check!  Learn more about the Vinci Pro Affiliate Program and sign up today!  Don’t miss out on commissions your team could be making on holiday sales!

Vinci Santa Might Just Give You What’s On Your Wish List!

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

The Vinci Wish List Video Contest will run through December 23rd!

Starting tomorrow, November 21, 2012, you can enter for a chance to win your choice of pretty much anything on the Vinci Website!

Here’s how:

1) Visit and select the Vinci Pro product you want MOST for Christmas from anything on the Vinci Website within these categories:

  • Adult limited or Mesh glove – can be any stock glove, or even a custom limited or mesh glove!
  • Batting Gloves
  • Sports Sunglasses
  • Mini Glove/ Business Card Holder
  • Youth Glove

2) Create and upload to You Tube a video that depicts why you want that Vinci product for Christmas. Include the product name, model number if applicable and the link to the product on in the caption to the video.

3) Visit Vinci Baseball on Facebook and complete the entry form via the tab and include the video URL where requested in the entry form.

4) Share your video with friends in every way that you can and encourage them to LIKE your video on You Tube.

5) Winner(s) will be based on number of likes received on YouTube, accuracy, creativity, and entertainment value.

The winner in each category will WIN the product featured in their video.  There will be a total of five (5) prizes in all which means there could be up to 5 different winners!

Each person can enter once in each category, for a maximum of 5 entries per person.  Minors must get parental permission to enter.  Complete rules are available here:


New Vinci Baseball Glove Winner

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Thank you to everyone who entered the Vinci Glove Giveaway this month.  We are happy to announce that we have selected a winner.  Congratulations goes out to Ken B., who won the Vinci Glove pictured below.  It is model JC3333-22, in leather with red lace.  The winner will receive an email shortly with claim instructions.

Vinci Baseball is gearing up for the holiday season with lots planned for the Vinci customers and fans.  Stay tuned for details on future promotions.  Remember, Vinci gloves are professional quality gloves and a new Vinci glove would make an excellent gift for a baseball player of any age!

Money Saving Tips for Baseball & Softball

Sunday, October 21st, 2012
If you or your child plays any sports, you know that the sacrifice of your time and efforts is just the beginning of what playing can cost.  There are league/team registration fees, late fees if you miss deadlines, uniform costs, the expenses of traveling such as lodging, gas, rental cars, bus fees, and meals.  There are the expenses of private coaches and trainers, gym fees, training equipment, camp costs, and competition fees.  Not to mention the additional costs of lodging for your family when traveling, admission fees for family members to tournaments and the lost wages that you experience when dedicating time to all that participation requires.
Many players cannot afford all the expenses of playing on a travel team which may limit their growth as a player.  Families can carry a large financial burden just simply by deciding to involve their kids in sports, even without a travel commitment.
The recognition of the high cost of playing baseball and softball is part of why Vinci Pro decided to run giveaways.  At least the winner can experience a “break” in the costs.  We wouldn’t stay in business long if we just gave away the high quality Vinci gloves, but we can at least offer some tips for how you can cut down the price tag for playing baseball and/or softball.  Below are a few ways you can start saving now, we will continue to bring you new ideas in the future.
Start with league/team registration fees.  Sometimes a team or league may need certain types of professional services that you can offer in exchange for a reduction of your fees.  For example, if your are particularly good at social media, you may be able to run the team’s Facebook page for the season, updating on team news and sending out reminders in exchange for having your kids fees waived for the season.  Teams rely on volunteers for much of what they do but that does not mean you have to give away services that you could use as leverage to put yourself in a better position to play.  Think outside the box on what you can provide that others may not be able to and you will more likely be able to convince the administrator to make a deal.
Scholarships are an especially effective way to save money not only on registration fees, but also on training camp costs and competition fees.  There are lots of need-based and talent based scholarships available from multiple sources.  Be sure to ASK before you register or pay.  Also, apply even if you don’t think you will qualify.  It might just take a few minutes to complete an application that could save you hundreds of dollars.
On the topic of training, it may be possible to save some cash that you would otherwise spend on private instruction and personal trainers by looking to people who you already know for less expensive lessons or even free training time.  Depending on your (or your child’s) skill level, you may be able to tap into resources such as school coaches, or even advanced players for one on one training.  A young college player who has already received private instruction from great coaches and trainers may be willing to pass on the knowledge that they acquired for less than the price that they paid.  This helps that player recoup some of the cost that they paid and saves you money from the start.  Already have a trainer you love to work with?  Ask them if they can offer you referral incentives and then tell everyone you know how great your trainer is.
Playing on a travel team provides great memories and challenges players but it can come with high costs.  Plan ahead to save money by shopping for lodging deals on daily deal Sites.  Sites like offer savings of up to 70% on hotel stays so if you know where you are going ahead of time you can look out for deals in the area.  Don’t dismiss the idea of camping when the weather permits.  Camping with your teammates can be a wonderful experience adding to the memories and saving tons on lodging costs.  Also, you don’t need to eat out just because you are on the road.  When you choose a hotel, try to find one with a kitchenette so you can prepare meals in room, or at least make sandwiches and pack ready to eat snacks to cut down on the meal costs.
Players and parents can really save a bundle on equipment costs.  While you may not always have a say on where you get your uniforms, you can save on personal equipment like shoes and bats by taking part in – or even hosting – an equipment exchange.  At the youth level these can really serve as a way parents can save, as young players often outgrow things like shoes before the equipment has been worn out.   Not sure where to find an equipment exchange?  You can also get used equipment at used sporting goods stores and online classifieds like Ebay and Craigs List.  Sometimes buying used is ok, but sometimes it’s best to get it new.  For example, it’s a good idea to get your safety equipment new.  Plus, when you purchase QUALITY equipment, like your Vinci Glove, you will get years of use which will save you money in the long run AND provide you with all the comfort and functionality of a high end glove.