Carlos Torres Vinci Baseball Glove Picks

We are proud that, over the years, many pro-athletes have chosen to use Vinci gloves. Carlos Torres, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies,has worn Vinci gloves for about 4 years. During an Interview with Carlos Torres we asked how Vinci gloves compare with other brands he’s used.

How do your Vinci gloves compare with the other brands you’ve used?

Carlos Torres:Vinci has a better feel. Mass-producing makes you look for every corner you can cut to save money.  Vinci doesn’t do that.  They are quality and you feel it when you get it. I haven’t had a lace break yet.  I have taken my gloves to the edge and am trying to find out how long it will take, but I haven’t done it yet and it has been 2 years.  I keep tightening my gloves and not changing laces like you should, just to see how the glove holds up.  And it does”

“I haven’t run into another company who cares, like, literally cares, as much as Vinci.  I have buddies with every glove you see and none of them ever receives what they asked for, or they can’t get a hold of their rep, or the glove takes too long to get there!  I could make one phone call and I could have it the next day no question.  Exactly what I ask for every time.”-Carlos Torres

So which Vinci gloves are his favorite? Carlos Torres currently pitches with the Vinci glove model CT82-M and JSJS. “I love this glove! (CT82-M) . I like the feel of its pocket and the control it gives me over the ball. This glove is great too (JSJS), you just can’t go wrong with Vinci.”-Carlos Torres




The Vinci CT82-M is part of the Vinci Mesh Series baseball gloves which utilize double reinforced mesh backing, along with rolled leather welting that will allow this glove to retain it’s shape for years to come. Handcrafted with Vinci’s exclusive Comfort-Feel genuine Kip leather, for the best feel and comfort in the industry. This Kip leather combined with mesh back allows for a much shorter break in time. The high quality leather along with double mesh back allows the gloves to be durable, yet playable and retain their shape longer.














The Vinci JSJS is constructed with our Comfort feel genuine leather that is pre-treated at the factory allowing for a much shorter break in time. Our high quality leather allows our gloves to be durable, yet playable and retain their shape longer. They also come with heavy-duty thumb and pinky loops, along with thumb and pinky supports which help retain the glove shape. Our pittards leather finger linings offer the feel and durability of a major league baseball glove, without the major league price tag.


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