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13.25" - 15.0" Softball Fielders Gloves

Wear a 13.25"- 15.0" softball glove that is built and designed at the standards of professional players. They come in many different styles. H-web's, horseshoe webs, and trapeze webs, just to name a few. Our very popular BV 100 is big,big,big. The BR45, for it size is one of the best made gloves in the industry. Our CP 2 line is well renowned for it's slightly quicker break in time due to our special pre-treatment process.


Baseball Glove model PJV416 : 13.5 inch Black with Six Finger Web
Baseball/Softball Glove Model BV1945-22
BMB-OB Rich Brown and Yellow
BR46 in Black: 14 inch Softball Glove H-Web
BR4600-22 Black with Gray Welting and Lace: 14 inch Softball Glove H-Web and Mesh Back
Optimus Series BM 13 Inch Glove
TJ1952-L Black 13.5 inch
Vinci BV100 15 inch  Exclusive CP2 Series Softball Glove