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Used by the pros

12.25" - 13.0" Infielder/Pitcher/Outfielder Gloves

Our 12.25"- 13.0 " Baseball gloves come in many different colors and styles. Some of the web types are Trapeze,Net-T, V-I,Double tombo, traditional basket web Double post re-forced H web, as well as 6 finger baseball gloves. All of our these gloves have pinky and thumb loops.


Baseball Glove model RV60 Black and Dark Brown: 13 inch CP Kip Leather Baseball Glove H Web
BMB-L Black 13 inch
BMB-M All Black with Black Mesh 13 inch
BMB-OB White Leather with Black Mesh Back - 13 inch
BMB-OB with Mesh Back - 13 inches
CBW-22 : 13 inch Women's First Baseman's Mitt
CBW413 : 13 inch Womens First Baseman's Mitt
CBW413 White and Black : 13 inch Womens First Baseman's Mitt
Custom Glove Model JCV-VM 33 inch Women's Fast Pitch Catchers Mitt
JBV-SB : 13.5 inch  Baseball First Base Mitt
JBV0204-L Black : 12.5 inch First Base Mitt