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12.25" - 13.0" Fielders Gloves


Baseball Glove model PJV04-L : 13 inch Blue Fielders Glove  LEFT HAND THROWER ONLY
Baseball Glove model PJV0416-L : 12.75 inch Blue Fielders Glove Six Finger Web  LEFT HAND THROWER ONLY
Vinci EXCLUSIVE: Baseball Glove Model BR44 : 13 inch CP Kip Softball Glove H-Web in Black  LEFT HAND THROWER ONLY
Baseball Glove model PJV16 :  Red 13 inch CP Kip Leather Glove Six Finger LEFT HANDED THROWER ONLY Web
** Vinci 22 SERIES(Steer Hide Leather)**     AB7400-22 Black with White Lace 13 inch
********PJV in Tan with Black Lace 13 inch*********
Baseball Glove model PJV6000-22 :- 13.5 inch Six Finger Web
CBW-22 : 13 inch Women's First Baseman's Mitt
JCV-22 33 inch Women's Fast Pitch Catchers Mitt
PJV in Black and Tan 13 inch
PJV-22 in Black 13 inch all leather
Vinci BMBS-22 13 inch Black with White Lace